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Pleeeease can I have some help finding an outfit for a winter wedding?

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NotaStepfordWife Sun 08-Nov-09 19:44:17

Good evening... have wedding to go to at the end of the month, and had my heart set on this dress and coat combo. Have just been online to order, and they're all sold out [sob].

Am a size 16, classic pear shape. Have been surfing without success - any suggestions gratefully received. smile

snowmummy Sun 08-Nov-09 19:56:58

I'm not a massive fan of Boden, but I have to say that outfit would be great for a winter wedding.

Have you tried White Stuff?

NotaStepfordWife Sun 08-Nov-09 20:23:04

Yes, no joy there. And monsoon. And Coast. And Hobbs. Nothing nothing nothing. sad

Thanks anyway smile

monkeysmama Sun 08-Nov-09 20:24:03

I quite like that too-the idea at least. I have a wedding in 3 weeks too and am stumped. What kind of shoes are right for a winter wedding? Maybe I should find an outfit first.... If I come across anything will post a link!

NotaStepfordWife Sun 08-Nov-09 20:34:02

Well, at the risk of looking like a complete bodenite (I'm truly not!), I was going to go for these shoes in purple. But yes, agree need to find outfit first - going in just shoes isn't an option wink

VerityBrulee Sun 08-Nov-09 20:56:37

Walked through M&S today and saw lots of velvet in the Autograph/Limited Collection area. Also saw devore velvet tunic in Zara which was lovely.

Velvet is great for winter dressing up.

Clure Sun 08-Nov-09 22:43:37

this purple coat
with this dress

NotaStepfordWife Mon 09-Nov-09 13:58:38

Oooh - the dress is good in purple... could perhaps find black velvet coat to go with it?

Will hunt some more.

Thank you smile

tethersend Mon 09-Nov-09 22:07:22

I would go for this or this teamed with something like this

NotaStepfordWife Tue 10-Nov-09 17:31:29

Tethersend... you read my mind - I found both those dresses online last night and will be heading into Bath on thursday to try them on smile

Like the shrug too... will hunt for some killer heels to go with it if it all looks ok.

Thank you.

tethersend Tue 10-Nov-09 18:05:08


InterruptingKid Tue 10-Nov-09 18:24:59

love the shrug
like Monsoon dress one not two

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