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I'm starting to like Jigsaw

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purplepeony Sun 08-Nov-09 13:21:53

After complaining about them all year I was pleasantly surprised when I looked last week- I could have bought several tops/jumpers and a skirt or dress or two. However, cheapest top was around £59 i think.
They have my fave colurs back- teal shades.

Still not quite as they were a few years back but better than the summer grunge.

pleasechange Sun 08-Nov-09 13:23:02

I agree - saw a couple of nice things in there last week. So £££ though

purplepeony Sun 08-Nov-09 13:26:32

Yes, £££!!

I could not really justify spending £60 + on a simple top. Let alone £150 on a dress.

pleasechange Sun 08-Nov-09 13:30:27

I noticed some of their fairly plain jumpers were about £89 shock
It's always fairly empty in there - not surprisingly!

tattycoram Sun 08-Nov-09 13:47:05

Yes, but sooooo overpriced. I don't even bother to go in there anymore.

AngelinaJolly Sun 08-Nov-09 13:52:01

I miss the old Jigsaw c7yrs ago- when it was full of very wearable but slightly quirky stuff. You could always find something nice to wear to a wedding there...

traceybath Sun 08-Nov-09 15:24:10

I did buy a lovely knot front vest top this week from there in a sort of pinky/amethyst colour.

Was £28 so not too bad and it is lovely quality and a really gorgeous colour.

SecretNinjaChipmunk Sun 08-Nov-09 15:25:53

could you live with them only being a shop you go into during a sale? that way they're not so expensive......or see if there are any discounts going around for them

MrsSeanBean Sun 08-Nov-09 15:31:46

Yes! Agree with OP. They were very odd for about 2 years - but I love a lot of stuff in there at the moment. Especially the silk velvet bow front skirt.

pleasechange Sun 08-Nov-09 15:32:30

traceybath - sounds nice. I bought a black knot front vest from there years ago and it can still be relied on to glam up an outfit

purplepeony Sun 08-Nov-09 17:26:00

Mrssean- yes that't nice. I have the same style in linen- summer version!

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