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Where have these dark circles come from?

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Kerrymumbles Sun 08-Nov-09 12:34:15

I have these dark circles under my eyes for past week or so and they are very puffy in the am. At first I thought it was eye infection but am on eye drops not helping. I have been sick for past week but am better now. still puffy and black this am. could it be the heating? What can I do about it? I can't go without heat all winter....

Beauregard Sun 08-Nov-09 22:03:45

Could be your sinus'
Mine are always blocked and i now have black rings

bonnyb1 Sun 08-Nov-09 22:08:21

It could be a combination of the heating going on and not drinking enough water, try drinking 8 glasses a day until they go (yes you'll be on the loo alot!)

Kerrymumbles Mon 09-Nov-09 12:22:43

will water help? I look ancient. eye drops made things 100x worse. am now looking like severe shite. sad

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