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How do you know if a hairdresser is a good one?

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Maize Sat 07-Nov-09 22:03:36

My really love my current hairdresser but logistically its a bit of a pain. I am wondering about trying one nearer home that will be easier to get to when I need my fringe trimmed every other week!

Nobody I know has been to it though and I can't find any info online. I have had my fringe trimmed there a few times and it was fine.

What if they butcher my hair? Ack. I know I should just suck it up and try but my current hairdresser gives me such nice cuts. Although I think variety would be a good thing.

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 07-Nov-09 22:16:27

you don't have a fringe trim every other week,surely ? stick to your current one and go less often.

MrsSeanBean Sun 08-Nov-09 11:54:23

Would echo what Mary Ann Singleton said.

When I was younger I would get my hair cut at John Frieda in Mayfair - but I only went every 3 months - the cuts were so good though that I got extra mileage out of them and the cost - although high - worked out about the same as getting it cut more frequently locally.

purplepeony Sun 08-Nov-09 13:24:49

Hair grows around half an inch a month so after 2 weeks yours should grow a quarter of an inch. Not enough to cut surely?

Unless you have a poker straight heavy fringe, can't you do it yourself?
I get my hair cut every 8-9 weeks now and in between snip away at my fringe- mine is supposed to be whispy, not blunt cut, so any mistakes are not noticeable!

As for finding another one- why not ask around? It really is trial and error- no easy way to find out.

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