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I know this comes around a lot but I've just done the ponytail DIY haircut.

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abouteve Sat 07-Nov-09 18:53:15

Put a dark brown colour on, snipped the ponytail and I've got a great haircut and colour for £4.50. Salon price £65 upwards. It's wonderful. Found the link on a thread on here.

Just wanted to share. smile

ilove Sat 07-Nov-09 18:54:53

Link to thread?

Saltire Sat 07-Nov-09 18:56:04

Oh yes i did the cut back in the summer. needs done agian though.DH has offered to do it for me!hmm

Pinkmarshmallow Sat 07-Nov-09 19:23:55

This does sound please?

abouteve Sat 07-Nov-09 19:25:51

I cannot find the thread sorry but it links to a u tube video, titled Sissorhands or something like that. You gather your hair into a tight ponytail at the front and cut as much off as you feel like, result is lovely layers.

poppyandmax Sat 07-Nov-09 20:50:41

link to youtube video

BibiBOO Sat 07-Nov-09 22:17:24

I need to do this, please encourage me to be brave... smile

It'll be okay if I just take a tiny bit off, won't it???

abouteve Sat 07-Nov-09 22:54:13

Honestly, it's brilliant. Just take a bit off to start with then have a look, if you want to brave a bit more then do. Go for it.

AcrossThePond Sun 08-Nov-09 02:03:26

I want to try hairdresser will kill me...maybe before I go it.

blueywhite Sun 08-Nov-09 07:15:33

I've been using this method of cutting my own hair for about 20 years! Works well for me. I do invest in an expensive pair of professional hairdressing scissors (from Ebay - about £25) every couple of years.

Yes, you can do it in stages; do a little bit, then some more. And I home colour too.

Great results for pennies! I must literally have saved thousands of pounds over the years.

Pinkmarshmallow Sun 08-Nov-09 16:56:57

Thanks poppyandmax, will try this next time I need a trim.

Pinkmarshmallow Sun 08-Nov-09 16:58:07

I presume that if you don't want a fringe, just layered, you put the ponytail in the middle of the forehead to start with?

BibiBOO Sun 08-Nov-09 17:00:03

I've got a long fringe that is just getting too long to wear as a frings, which I wear to the side now, so do I put the ponytail to the side I part my hair on for a sweepy side fringe??? If I get it wrong, I CANNOT [part my hair the other way, i look awyful!

AcrossThePond Sun 08-Nov-09 19:32:31

Yes, can you just put the pony in front for layers? I want to do this though my haircuts are not expensive because it seems exciting. Maybe I need a life wink

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