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This must have been done before natal clothes?

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ParanoidAtAllTimes Sat 07-Nov-09 04:30:16

I'm at the stage where my maternity clothes are falling off me (the builders' bum look isn't the most flattering blush) but my pre-pregnancy clothes won't fit for some time yet.

Where can I find clothes that will fit my horrid unusual shape? My tummy and boobs are still pretty enormous but everything else has slimmed down. Should I go for maternity in smaller sizes or are there any normal clothes out there that will fit me?


PyrotechnicToadstool Sat 07-Nov-09 09:34:51

Can you pull of the leggings/tunic look? Or buy a few cheaper things to tide you over, New Look Hula jeans are great for a bit of a tummy but only £10.

Clure Sat 07-Nov-09 13:29:19

I wore the few clothes that I'd bought when I couldn't fit into my clothes but maternity clothes were too big. These were one or two sizes bigger than my normal sized clothes. They were a good bridge after I gave birth until i lost my pregnancy weight.
Leggings and tunic idea sounds good! They weren't in fashion when I was pg!

ParanoidAtAllTimes Sun 08-Nov-09 03:14:59

Thank you both for the advice! Leggings and tunic are not something I've ever considered before but maybe I should open my mind! New Look...will check it out.

Clure- unfortunately my top half is, ahem, somewhat different now that I'm bfing so even some of my late pregnancy tops don't fit I may investigate the trousers/skirts from 2nd trimester though!

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