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So what do you wear if you have to dress smart for work but it's pissing down with rain?

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LowLevelWhingeing Fri 06-Nov-09 14:51:43

I normally live in trainers but in the new year I'll be going on a work placement where I'll be required to dress as if I am a Smart Person. So, being really short, I'm thinking trousers are the way forward - but what do you wear on your feet in British winter? Or should I just go for long skirt and boots?

This morning I had to be a Smart Person so I wore the trousers ballet type flats thing, but it all just looked a bit insubstantial for the hurricane weather.

To restrict the brief a bit more, I can't walk in heels (I blame my dad for not letting me have heels as a child hmm)

PuppyMonkey Fri 06-Nov-09 14:53:43

Can't beat skirt and boots - more flattering to your figure too than trousers. And you need a nice umbrella too.

Lonicera Fri 06-Nov-09 14:57:52

Skirt, boots and a rain coat . Take shoes to change into if necessary

LowLevelWhingeing Fri 06-Nov-09 15:10:48

aaaah right, it's a skirt I should be wearing! I do quite like a skirt.

hf128219 Fri 06-Nov-09 15:14:52

Dresses are so much easier! And smarter.

PyrotechnicToadstool Fri 06-Nov-09 15:15:35

Yep, dresses.

pleasechange Fri 06-Nov-09 15:18:13

dresses and boots are great
But you can wear boots with trousers too! I have short boots which I wear with smart black trousers for work in winter

Monty100 Fri 06-Nov-09 15:18:54

I wear a skirt and boots when its raining, I'm a short ass and trousers usually get soaked around the hem.

Quite like a nice raincoat and a hat too!

LowLevelWhingeing Fri 06-Nov-09 16:34:01

so I've just hammered my switch card and binged on skirts and tops smile

I've an interview next week so quite looking forward to it now I can wear some nice ish things.

Thanks y'all!

JANEITEluddite Fri 06-Nov-09 17:11:54

What did you buy?

Skirt and boots is deffo the way forward, plus a decent raincoat and a big brolly. I've yet to find a hat but am bumping this in the hope that somebody can point you to one. A lovely brolly can really help to lift a rainy day so go beyond black if you possibly can!

LowLevelWhingeing Fri 06-Nov-09 19:10:56

I got this

and this

strayed from the brief a bit here

and some other stuff that is far to work-y to bother posting!

They're all rather sombre with the plan to warm them up with some lovely jewel coloured tops/cardis...

NorkilyChallenged Fri 06-Nov-09 20:21:59

I recently got a dress for work after years as a black-trousers-and-top person. I got this one and after a while psyching myself up to it, I now wear it once a week and love it. Had lots of nice comments too.

V easy to wear with bright pink/teal/red underneath, opaques and boots or shoes (though I do have a heel on shoes but not on boots)

JANEITEluddite Fri 06-Nov-09 20:38:41

Jewel coloured cardigans sound good. Let me know if you find any nice ones.

EightiesChick Fri 06-Nov-09 20:47:42

If you're really short it is far easier to do skirt and boots than trousers, as getting a trouser suit short enough in the legs is a right pain in the arse ankles. So good move. Get a nice jacket and you're sorted. Dresses, especially wool dresses or jersey wrap dresses, are always good too and practical, plus you can throw a smart cardy on top for mega cold days.

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