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Extraordinarly large calves, where can I get stylish boots

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itsbeingsocheerful Fri 06-Nov-09 12:28:36

For years I have dreamed of wearing a pair of fitted boots, but I have misshapen, mahoosive calves, and normal boots don't get anywhere close.

I'm only a size 12/14 elsewhere and have reasonable ankles, and know that a pair of boots would suit me otherwise. Ankle boots don't work, just emphasise the billowing nature of the said calves.

I'm a size 5. Any ideas

MilkNoSugarPlease Fri 06-Nov-09 12:30:15


LaurieScaryCake Fri 06-Nov-09 12:32:11 smile

duckyfuzz Fri 06-Nov-09 12:33:28

yes, definitely duo

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