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best child's shoe shop in London - Angulus shoes

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SarfEasticated Thu 05-Nov-09 19:09:47

Can anyone enlighten me? Am looking for a lovely range of children's shoes with old fashioned service...
Pares in Blackheath is my local but I found the range they have at the mo a bit boring.

The shoes I absolutely love are these but at £70 way over budget. Anyone know of any similar?

Thanks ladies

Stylelostinlabour Thu 05-Nov-09 19:11:45

Buckle My Shoe and look on ebay for Angulus shoes. They are a wide feeting though and the leather is lovely but does stretch.

Stylelostinlabour Thu 05-Nov-09 19:13:38 wItemQQptZUKClothing_GirlsShoes_GirlsShoesGL?var=&hash=item76be66d250

A little cheaper?

SarfEasticated Thu 05-Nov-09 19:49:24

Thanks Stylelostinlabour, I think i'd rather buy shoes in a shop and get them fitted <cautious ebay virgin icon>
Thanks for the Buckle My Shoe tip though, I will seek it out...

Stylelostinlabour Thu 05-Nov-09 20:58:03

What I tend to do as have dd with long skinny feet is go to shop get fitted and then seek on ebay for cheaper version.

Also look at NOEL and SuperFit

Also is you are near a JL or Selfridges they have some fab shoes in

SarfEasticated Fri 06-Nov-09 23:04:50

bumping for more recommendations...

SarfEasticated Sun 08-Nov-09 21:12:23

one more bump...

Earlybird Sun 08-Nov-09 21:17:15

I've never been, but have heard good things about this shop. Think it is mainly for school shoes and special occasion shoes. Don't think they have trainers, etc.

If you go and it is a complete waste of time, at least you'll be in a lovely part of London! grin

hester Sun 08-Nov-09 21:20:06

There's a children's shoe shop called Vincent in Westfield centre. It's Swedish I think. Nice stuff, a bit different from the usual, not cheap cheap (about forty quid) but good quality.

At the moment they have a lovely simple T-bar in a deep rose pink - so much nicer than the ubiquitous yuck pink you get on all girls' stuff. Sadly not in dd's size...

hackneyzoo Sun 08-Nov-09 21:30:38

[ Igloo]] on upper street in angel do lovely european shoes and round the corner on cross street One small step one giant leap do lovely traditoinal and european styles and are very good at fitting too. On Essex road there is Jimmy's Shoes too....

hackneyzoo Sun 08-Nov-09 21:31:40

Igloo link

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