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Does this eye product exist?

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AlaskaNebraska Thu 05-Nov-09 15:37:49

my hair dresser wants it.
kind of a eyeshadow to give the effect of a shiny non metallic vaseline look
she htinks she might have seen a calvin Klein one

claricebeansmum Thu 05-Nov-09 15:39:13

Vaseline? grin

It sounds a bit odd to me TBH

TartanKnickers Thu 05-Nov-09 15:42:52

Lancome do an eyegloss - fantasy tubes or something....

TootaLaFruit Thu 05-Nov-09 16:11:24

MAC also have a see-through gloss that can be used on eyelids, cheeks etc

AlaskaNebraska Thu 05-Nov-09 17:35:54

thanks! does anyone do a colouir..

AlaskaNebraska Thu 05-Nov-09 17:41:02

right lancome do ombre glacee in bronze
the fantasty tubes did exsit but are no more
mac hting is clear

that is the result so far

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