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How do I keep babygirl's hair out of her eyes?

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lagaanisace Wed 04-Nov-09 17:59:12

DD is 15 months old and her hair is getting thicker. I have a horror of fringes because I had a hideous one when I was a kid, but how do I keep her baby-fine hair away from her eyes? I think it's too fine for clips still...

whooshspicemonster Wed 04-Nov-09 18:01:23

The kind that you click - like this should stay in.

whooshspicemonster Wed 04-Nov-09 18:02:02

Or this even!

lagaanisace Wed 04-Nov-09 19:02:45

Oh thanks, they work with baby hair? Cool

Bonsoir Wed 04-Nov-09 19:24:48

A very small elasticated scrunchie thing - you can get them in baby shops. She'll have a sprout for about a year, and then you can cut it into a bob.

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