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So if you'll pour hot wax onto your privates - how far would you go?

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ohIdoliketobebesidethe Wed 04-Nov-09 12:39:16

I didn't contribute to the thread on pubic hair presentation as everything I said would have been hypocrytical. I am in my 30s and am shocked by the Times article for not ridiculing the saddo man who had never seen a real woman. I am also of the brigade that thinks that a society that suddenly decides women should be hair free is bowing to pressure from pornographers and playing into the hands of paedophiles and is not much short of sadomasochism. BUT I realise that you can't say that to an individual and the contrary arguments are persuasive - that some women do it for their own pleasure - and that under arm hair is no different. So I'm a hypocrite. I have never had underarm hair - I shaved off the very first sprouts as a child. I don't have the guts to say I am all woman and grow it out - no way!
So whilst shocked I thought I should be tolerant of people's choices.

And then the truth hits me. If I was 20 and knew that even a small majority of my peers waxed their genitals - I would too. I am a sheep and the fear of being ridiculed for the appearance of my genitals is a strong motivating factor. (Can you imagine rumours quickly spreading around uni campus about the "ape girl")...god - how humiliating!blush But then I kept thinking:
Hypothetically - what if this were next:

A fashion starts in the porn industry where someone (when having a labial reduction) is offered a tuck as well as a nip. Just a tiny one to pull together the labia at the entrance to the vagina. Penetration is a little trickier and everything is a bit tighter as a result. Turns out to be very popular with the viewers so the porn stars all have it done. Next thing you know the boys expect it and the girls comply for fear of rumours about them being "untidy" or "baggy" down below. "As if" I hear you cry. That's what my generation would have said all of 10 years ago about having bald vulvas....

Then you'll get some horrified mumsnet thread saying "shock is this normal?" and some young women come on and say it enhances their sexual pleasure too or made them feel neater so they did it for themselves. That's hard to argue against.

So then what'll we tell our daughters?
Where will it stop?

Will feminists of the future be caricatured as having untidy genitals as opposed to the hairy armpits of the 70s?

I'm not saying that a bit of hair removal is the same as genital mutilation. I'm just asking what you would do if there was peer pressure to take things a step further?

Guttersnipe Wed 04-Nov-09 12:43:24

I have always resisted peer pressure.

What I do, the limited things I do, I do for me.

Shame there are so many sheep out there.

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