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Flat thigh high boots - am I too old???

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YaddaYaddaYadda Tue 03-Nov-09 20:49:39

I'm loving these and these BUT have agreed with DH not to spend lots of money on new clothes (but hey, I work and it's what my credit card is for) and more importantly, I'm worried I might look a bit 'mutton' cos I'm 36... I'm thinking they'd be good over jeans or with leggings and my fab new boden tunic or new knitted dress.

What do you think?

UnquietDad Tue 03-Nov-09 20:53:34

I know I'm not exactly Gok Wan, but please let me put the man's view. Well, this man's view.


Please. Wear them with bare legs or tights or stockings. Boots are supposed to be SEXY. Stuffing jeans into them makes you look like an oil rig worker.

Clure Tue 03-Nov-09 20:58:45

LOVE the first pair, deffo go for it. I also not keen on the boots with jeans look but they'd look great with leggings/opaques.

bonfirewithaheartofgold Tue 03-Nov-09 21:01:07

boots are supposed to keep your lower legs warm and dry in winter weather hmm

pmsl though uqd i assumed you were abetadad.

Ronaldinhio Tue 03-Nov-09 21:01:15

i know they are desperately trendy but I invariably think Puss in boots or Principle boy when I see them

Ronaldinhio Tue 03-Nov-09 21:02:38

UQD muses
how would lovely Sarah wear hers....?

YaddaYaddaYadda Tue 03-Nov-09 21:02:40

Bare legs??? Stockings??? I want to wear them to playgroup and the park to be warm and look vaguely stylish not to indulge pervy old men! Methinks maybe 'style and beauty' is not the place for you unquiet dad... and you're right, you are definitely not the lovely Gok.

UnquietDad Tue 03-Nov-09 22:45:07

Thank gawd.

Fleecy Tue 03-Nov-09 22:52:48

I'm 32 and have some. I'm not convinced about them with jeans though - I think they're best with short dresses and tights. You can dress them down with a long cardi, similar length to the dress if you have one.

They do work with leggings but you have to be careful not to look too panto, just as Ronaldinhio pointed out!

36 def not too old! And they're so warm and comfy.

Welshexile Wed 04-Nov-09 08:53:16

If you keep the heels flat I think you can wear them at any age. Bought mine two years ago in a Russell and Bromley sale in a moment of madness for my 50th birthday. So I'm cross they are so in now cos I think they make me look as if I'm trying too hard. But hell, I'm 52 now and don't give a ... monkey's.

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