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Please please help my find a nice, trendy dress that isn't too short! I'm about to give up!

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janjas Tue 03-Nov-09 15:59:36

I am going shopping next week for a dress for a wedding in December. I have been looking for ages and can't find one that suits me anywhere. I am relatively tall, (5ft 6), slimmish (10/12) but have quite big thighs and big calves!! Hmm sound lovely don't i! For that reason I don't want anything too short but really want to wear a dress. I can get away with just below my knee but this season all dresses seem to be mid thigh.
I have about £100 to spend and would love something that goes with some beautiful grey diamante shoes that I have.
Please help me!

janjas Tue 03-Nov-09 16:00:43

Just re-read my title and just to clarify, I don't mean particularly "trendy", just young and modern!! Thankyou x

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Tue 03-Nov-09 16:09:46




here come in tall too

tulpe Tue 03-Nov-09 16:34:28

The one from Next is the best, imo.

If you have big calves, you want a dress which finishes just at your narrowest point (which on me would be just above my knee or below). However, ime, just above is more flattering with chunkier legs.

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Tue 03-Nov-09 17:07:12

i thinki next one is nicer tha the others too. So hard shopping for other

janjas Tue 03-Nov-09 19:56:05

Thankyou! I like the Next one too but have tried above the knee dresses and for some reason they look terrible on me! I love the blue Monsoon one!

bonfirewithaheartofgold Tue 03-Nov-09 20:01:58

i think the first monsoon one is by far the best but i appear to be channelling my inner goth atm so you may wish to discount my opinion.

<hijack - lisad how was you dinner, did you do the cheese?>

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Tue 03-Nov-09 20:27:40

LOL yes I updates cheese thread earlier today

Clure Tue 03-Nov-09 21:13:03

dress 1
dress 2
dress 3
love this but it wouldn;t go with your shoes!

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Tue 03-Nov-09 21:20:02

and its over budget wink

janjas Sat 07-Nov-09 10:11:10

Just seen your last post Clure! Thankyou, I had seen the Warehouse one myself and love it! I think it could be a possiblity! x

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