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Wallis Tunic Dress

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pudding25 Mon 02-Nov-09 22:00:48

I bought this

tunic dress to wear to a black tie wedding but I can't think of what accessories to wear with it so I was hoping you could help. I was thinking opaque tights and some kind of black heels but not sure if opaque tights would be too thick. Also, no idea what jewellry would look nice. Any ideas would be great. Thanks (nothing too expensive please!)

tulpe Mon 02-Nov-09 22:30:53

That dress is lovely but not sure it is "black tie", tbh.

However.............I would wear black opaques - you definitely shouldn't go for anything sheer with that, imo.

Accessorising.... hmm. The dress is already embellished at neckline and there is a fair amount of detailing in the sleeve too. I would say a fabulous cocktail ring and glitzy embellished evening bag are the only things you need.

Do you prefer gold or silver?

Oh and shoes - you need patent or suede

pudding25 Tue 03-Nov-09 21:45:07

Thanks. Was thinking something pretty similar. I have a really nice fancy proper ring that I keep for good and maybe some kind of gold bag/patent shoes. I think it should be ok for the do as I know the kind of things people will be wearing and it is a real mixture.

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