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ladies who have......

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Booooooooooyhoo Mon 02-Nov-09 13:10:42

ladies im looking a bit washed up at the minute but quick fixes like doing make-up and getting my hair done seem short lived with me and i dont keep them up, i think i need to invest a bit in myself now to rep the benefits firther down the line so i ask you, if you have...

1. long hair in great condition;
a) how often do you get it cut?
b) how often do you wash it?
c) what shampoo/ conditioner is great for you?
d) do you have weekly/ monthly treatments either home or at salon?
e) anything else that you do to keep it in great condition?

mine is shoulder length now but i want to grow it long again.

2. a natural looking fake tan that doesnt streak and wears off evenly;
a) which one is it?
b) how often do you apply it?
c) do you moisturize beforehand or daily anyway?

i have fair skin if that helps.

3. great skin;
a) do you wear make up?
b) whats your skincare routine?
c) any magic potions that you use?

i have combination/oily skin.

thank you all. i appreciate you all sharing this with me.

sarah293 Mon 02-Nov-09 13:12:56

Message withdrawn

stakethroughtheheartofgold Mon 02-Nov-09 13:17:14

re hair: my hairdresser commented that my hair was in really good condition considering i'd been dying it blonde at home. i put that down to never blow drying it, never using straighteners etc., just got a cut that suited it (which lasted over a year!). washed it once a week when it was waist length, now it's below shoulder will be more like 1.5 times a week. the best conditioner you can get is the stuff that comes with home hair dye, afaik you can't buy anything similar on its own but would love to find out if anyone knows different.

Booooooooooyhoo Mon 02-Nov-09 14:23:03

wow riven, i ddint know that about fat in diet. thank you.

i have to confess to washing daily and blowdrying everytime, i straighten it a few times a week. thats it, concentrated effort to wash less and dry naturally, actually my sisters hair is really healthy looking and she always dries naturally. thank you

sarah293 Mon 02-Nov-09 14:36:06

Message withdrawn

AngelinaJolly Mon 02-Nov-09 15:07:52

My hair isjust below shoulder length and in good condition:
I get it cut every 2 or 3 months
I try to wash it every other day rather than every day (unless I've been to gym etc) and I always use a light conditioner and I don't over-rinse it out.
I use "Aussie" shampoo and conditioner (seems quite simple formula)
No treatments
I AVOID as much as possible blow-drying. If my hair hasn't dry by the time I need to go out I'll blow dry the roots and avoid heating the ends. I never use a straightener.
I eat really well <too much TBH> and agree with getting enough essential fatty acids and minerals. I take fish oils and vits when I remember.

Booooooooooyhoo Mon 02-Nov-09 16:51:43

angelina, i use aussie aswell, but have only been using it for about a month, i dont think its long enough to have any reall effect.

my hair is thick and wavy, but when it dries naturally it is quite, emm, 'bushy' blush
is there anything i can put on it/through it to tame it a bit but also not make it greasy?

boardbunny Mon 02-Nov-09 18:35:00

Can't help on the hair front (am going for more of a Sarah Harding look these days!) but:

2. a natural looking fake tan that doesnt streak and wears off evenly;
a) which one is it?
Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel
b) how often do you apply it?
Once a week
c) do you moisturize before hand or daily anyway?
I find it goes on better without moisturising because it's a gel not a lotion. Don't always moisturise daily.

Out of all the ones I have tried this has the loveliest colour (more of a gold than a bronze), easiest to apply and doesn't streak. Often get comments on how 'well' I am looking the day after I've put it on, I use it on my face too.

Booooooooooyhoo Mon 02-Nov-09 18:53:07

ooh, thank you boardbunny, is it expensive?

boardbunny Mon 02-Nov-09 20:28:00

Fraid so, think it's about £15 a tube! Although you can use it sparingly and it lasts for ages, I only normally do upper body, especially in winter.

Booooooooooyhoo Mon 02-Nov-09 20:33:14

yes that's all i would do in the winter aswell. thank you.

teameric Mon 02-Nov-09 20:47:44

Can't help with the hair part as mine is in a pixie crop (sooo much easier grin
regarding fake tan I just use Johnsons holiday skin light glow every day replacing my normal body lotion its quite natural looking.
I wear make up everday (I'd scare the crows without it) foundation, concealer, mascara, blusher, natural eyeshadow and a touch of bronzer.
skin care, Clinique cream cleanser, and Dramatically Different moisturiser,
Magic potion- once a week I slather Nivea ( the original cream in the blue pot) all over my face like a mask then leave it over night, makes me glow grin
I have combination skin btw.

Booooooooooyhoo Mon 02-Nov-09 20:52:49

ooh, i never would have thought of slathering a moisturizer on like a mask, i have used nivea in the past and have found it leaves my skin quite greasy, olay seems to sork quite well for me but im not as religious as i should be in applying it.

i'm building up to make up everyday, i did used to wear it everyday but my pregnancy with ds2 really took a toll on me and im just trying to find my feet again, starting with the basics and then i'll get to the decorations. grin

AngelinaJolly Mon 02-Nov-09 21:02:25

Yes Boooooyhoo. If I let my hair dry naturally and it's in need of some taming I use a teeny bit of Aveda brilliant emollient finishing gloss. I rub it over my palms and apply it to the ends only. I've also got Aussie dual personality anti-frizz+conditioning milk which does the same job. They're both light-weight and conditioning- and you use the stuff just where you need it. I think the trick is to avoid heat, let your hair dry naturallyand then use a lightweight thing just where you need it. I equate Aveda with being quite clean/ fewer nasty chemicals (un-like "frizz-ease" which I hate) but if I'm in a rush I have been known to run hands that have a bit of hand-cream on them over the ends of my hair to tame them.

<will lurk for skin recs>

AngelinaJolly Mon 02-Nov-09 21:04:14

although I do heart Bobbi Brown "skin" foundation, and their colour knowledge is fab IMO

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