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I need a star of bethlehem costume for DD3

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LadyGlencoraPalliser Sun 01-Nov-09 15:47:40

Please can someone help me put together a Nativity costume for DD3 who is very excited to have been chosen to portray the Star of Bethlehem - a part so new to this particular nativity that we have to supply the first ever costume for it. Relevant facts are:
I cannot sew.
She is seven.
She needs to be able to dance in it.
It has to be gold.
I was thinking of maybe this catsuit in gold, but how would I make her more star like? I could make a huge cardboard star and attach it to her, but it would impede the dancing I think.
Any bright ideas, anyone?

LilyloovesGuyFawkes Sun 01-Nov-09 15:50:21

What about this over catsuit

tulpe Sun 01-Nov-09 15:54:45

Try looking in your local John Lewis patterns department. I know you say you can't sew but they have some very easy to make costume patterns in there (I know because I can't sew either and had to put together a shepherds costume 2 years ago......altho admittedly easier than star of bethlehem...!!)

Failing that, Tesco had some great christmas dressing up costumes last year (half our school's angels were kitted out in them ) so it might be worth a look in your local store.

hocuspontas Sun 01-Nov-09 16:12:46

dd1 was a star once. We made two cardboard stars and attached them over the shoulder and round the waist. The middle of the star was in the belly button region and the upward point ended just under the chin. She didn't dance but it looked good! You could make them out of foam instead and paint them gold? Then they would be flexible when she moved her arms and legs.

chattermouse Sun 01-Nov-09 16:49:36

I saw one in Sainsburys this week. It wasn't expensive. T'was in the kids clothes department. God speed you.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Sun 01-Nov-09 17:20:52

Thanks everyone. Lily that looks like the right sort of thing, but I suspect it will be too small - she is a tall seven year old.
Tulpe, nowhere near a JL unfortunately.
Hocus - foam is a good idea. smile
Chattermouse - will check out Sainsbo's - just looked on their website but they don't seem to have clothes on it.

NicEM Sun 01-Nov-09 17:27:49

Just saw a perfect gold star outfit in matalan today!!!

LynetteScavo Sun 01-Nov-09 17:29:14

I was the Sainsburys gold star costume today, and it looked great...didnt' se the price, but I eckon chaper than that cat suit.

AlaskaNebraska Sun 01-Nov-09 17:34:44

why is htis in S and B?>!!!

AlaskaNebraska Sun 01-Nov-09 17:34:57

our school provides costume


LadyGlencoraPalliser Sun 01-Nov-09 18:47:40

Because I want DD to be the most stylish and beautiful star of Bethlehem, ever - obv!
Thanks, will check out Sainsbo's before going down Ebay route. I don't suppose you noticed what size the star costume came in?

yousaidit Sun 01-Nov-09 22:37:06

tesco do have a gold star costume!

monkeysmama Mon 02-Nov-09 08:49:34

Asda has a star (I have silver but may do gold too) they wear with a dress inside a star shap so only their head sticks out - it's brilliant and soooo cute.

PimpinMunky Wed 10-Dec-14 01:55:44

LeoandBoosmum Wed 10-Dec-14 15:57:27

Maybe you could put her in a silver shiny catsuit and just try to focus on making her face a star....maybe ask someone you know to make a star for just her face (with a hole in for her face)? No cardboard etc if I were you or several eyes could be lost!

LeoandBoosmum Wed 10-Dec-14 15:58:00

Ugh! Who resurrects these things!

buttercupbear Wed 10-Dec-14 16:00:32

Also saw one in sainsburys!

IsawJimmykissingSantaClaus Wed 10-Dec-14 16:06:46

Asda's Star costume is £5 and Sainsbury's is £8. We have the Sainsbo's one for DD as our Asda was out of stars. It's really good quality and definitely comes in a range of sizes. My DD will be wearing black t-shirt and leggings underneath.

The Star costume in Nativity 3 looks awesome!

Angelhairscruff Wed 10-Dec-14 16:46:58

Hopefully op will have found one now, since she was looking for this in 2009!!!!

IsawJimmykissingSantaClaus Thu 11-Dec-14 17:03:23

Really? Ha ha grin

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