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MustNotEatCake Sat 31-Oct-09 13:03:29

sorry didn't realise caps lock, can't bothered to change now - apols for shouting


or DKNY thing

am thinking:
splendid looks longer at back and shorter at front thann cozy - good thing - more bum coverage, less annoying front flappage

half the price

machine wash rather than dry clean

what do you think

southeastastralbeing Sat 31-Oct-09 13:04:30

get a dirt cheap one from new look, they'll date badly and everyone and their dog has one this year

Ronaldinhio Sat 31-Oct-09 13:06:11

I think meh when I read black cardigan but if you must then I'd go for the cheaper one

can't you get the same thing for 1/2 that price again though?

MustNotEatCake Sat 31-Oct-09 13:10:54


I don't want something cheap or that will date - want a few years out of it. Needs to be able to be thrown on over jeans by day and over a dress by night. Needs to be summer-appropriate/ lightweight as am moving back Down Under.

so back to the drawing board??

Jajas Sat 31-Oct-09 13:12:57

MNET, I thought you weren't supposed to be buying anything at the moment tsk tsk..

I like them both and would definitely buy a more expensive one than cheapy cheap as they look and feel so much nicer.

I bought this one from Fenn Wright Manson and it is gorgeous.

Jajas Sat 31-Oct-09 13:13:35

MNEC even!

florenceuk Sat 31-Oct-09 13:15:55

I quite like the splendid thing but it is cotton, not cashmere. So not as warm - but maybe not an issue in Seedney?

For just a plain black cardi, what about this: uniqlo cardi - can vouch for the merino used here, it is very soft, softer than the normal extra fine. However it will pill (the label tells you as much) because it is so soft. I have two in the round neck version, grey and blue!

MustNotEatCake Sat 31-Oct-09 13:18:48

oooh, that's nice too

I know, have been 2 weeks no shopping but am sick of getting dressed and then thinking "i need a black cardi" and then having to change entire outfit to work with charcoal or heather.

and am selling all of my other (largely unworn) knitwear - so will offset costs. Therefore not really shopping, more trading.

florenceuk Sat 31-Oct-09 13:19:01

And if we're talking investment:
john smedley?

Jajas Sat 31-Oct-09 13:28:51

2 weeks well done! I'm on about day 2 and trying to go cold turkey, tis very hard and being on here doesn't help! I keep thinking that MN is free but of course you are a mere link away from a whole world of retail out there blush.

Ronaldinhio Sat 31-Oct-09 13:32:28

I bought one of those thin leather jackets to overtake the endless fecking carigans that rule my life

Feels overdone still like I'm wearing someone else's life

ADifferentMe Sat 31-Oct-09 18:14:54

Mustnot - I've just bought the DKNY from Bicester Village for £67! It's beautiful, pic doesn't do it justice.

MustNotEatCake Sun 01-Nov-09 16:33:20

Ok, I've accepted that I won't be able to tolerate the flappiness of an open cardi and wouldn't suit it tied (pear shape)

so longish cardi it is ... I like the Smedley that florenceuk linked to but would prefer cashmere, esp as you can get dirt cheap merino at Uniqlo

Love this one but prob a bit too expensive so what about this cashmere one? similar price to the smedley and can get 20% off with code SHEER25

what do you reckon?

ADifferentMe Sun 01-Nov-09 18:25:28

I like that one but it's not a flattering shape if you're pear shaped - it would cling to your bum (speaking from experience emoticon).

The DKNY one (sorry, I'm obsessed) is very long and the weight of the fabric stops it flapping, although it's a lightweight silk/cashmere mix, IYSWIM.

CHOOGIRL Sun 01-Nov-09 19:10:57

Buy the DKNY cozy. It is very versatile. I have it here in the UAE where it is 35 degrees (can't stand air con!), will be wearing it on the plane tomorrow, and then back home. It does not flap. IIRC the splendid one is very thin.
<<stifles sobs at the thought of cake going back to oz>>

MustNotEatCake Sun 01-Nov-09 21:06:44

<<blows kiss to Choo>>

how is it over there? what did you end up buying for your hols wardrobe? and is the shopping over there???

I get you on the bum thing Different - but I'd always be wearing it open, hate the way it's styled in the pic!

okay look, I knew this would happen. Am going to buy the DKNY and the Pure, try them both and see what happens

<<will no doubt end up keeping both>>

MustNotEatCake Sun 01-Nov-09 23:29:43

what size DKNYs do you have please? I'm a 10-12, what should I order?

Jajas Sun 01-Nov-09 23:49:16

I would go for the DKNY's one too, looks lovely and far more flattering than the Pure one.

Dirtgirl Mon 02-Nov-09 08:58:11

The DKNY one is lovely, I've tried it on. You can get it for under £100 at Bicester Village. The reason I didn't buy it was the care instructions.

ADifferentMe Mon 02-Nov-09 12:39:58

MustNot - some of the DKNYs on eBay last night for £100. Still not as bargainous as my Bicester one but not practical if you live miles away (not that it stopped me).

I'm a large norked 12 and got M/L. Smaller probably would have been fine, they're not very fitted. I feel very wafty every time I try it on!

tulpe Mon 02-Nov-09 18:46:52

I think the Splendid one is gorgeous - much nicer than the 2 cashmere cardis you linked to in a later post.

I have something similar to the DKNY one from All Saints (their Pirate cardi in merino). It is high at the back which can be annoying at times but it also stops you getting "cardi saggy bum syndrome" which is not flattering on anyone. I understand your concerns re: flappiness of front of cardi. I thought mine would get right on my pip too but tbh it is fine as the fabric lays flat-ish, as Choogirl pointed out.

tulpe Mon 02-Nov-09 18:47:24

oh and if you are flogging your it on ebay yet???

LetThemEatCake Mon 02-Nov-09 20:06:40

only a jigsaw cardi so far ... ebay is such a faffola, there's more to come (pink cashmere cardi from Whistles, anyone??) but just have to pace myself or I get computer rage!!!

CHOOGIRL Mon 02-Nov-09 20:13:35

Had a fab break Cake - Grand Prix v exciting. Went shopping in Dubai Mall but didn't buy anything. There were over 1000 shops with every brand you could think of, I was totally overwhelmed.

Back to the Cozy - I think the S/M would fit you fine. Make sure you get the silk cashmere mix - not the wool one. Costs a bit more but worth it IMO

Jajas Tue 03-Nov-09 10:34:12

I have the Pirate cardi from All Saints too (well two in fact in different colours blush). They are very nice aren't they and you can wear them everywhich way ~ look great with jeans and boots (don't exactly keep you warm though hmm). I think they are more 'trendy' that the cashmere ones? My FWM one is a bit more glam and I wear it swooshed with a little skirt.

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