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I love this site, I want everything on it....

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TheOozingPusOfSeptimusSquelch Sat 31-Oct-09 00:11:14

you lot probably know about it already

MustNotEatCake Sat 31-Oct-09 00:22:29

yes, I do love a nice pyjama pant

register on - they often do discounts/ promos with Hush - you'll need to keep checking in under the 'offers' tab.

navyeyelasH Sat 31-Oct-09 00:27:49

wow how stunning is that model!?

Clothes are brill too I need everything!

Amandoh Sat 31-Oct-09 00:29:11

I'm laughing at my own stupidity here but I can't seem to keep the digital catalogue pages open. Every time I turn the first one and go to turn the second the first one goes back again! I've seen that snowy Nordic scene 18 bloody times between flashes of a black cardie.

I'll just order a catalogue.

AngelinaJolly Sat 31-Oct-09 06:48:29

I've just ordered a load of stuff and will have to send most of it back sad angry shock

1. They sent me one PJ set the wrong colour
2. the PJ tops were huge and flappy- you could fit a small army in them and much bigger fit than the bottoms.
3. There was a massive size discrepancy between the 2 PJ bottoms I ordered. Same size- one was too tight, the other voluminous
4. The winter rose PJ bottoms were badly manufactured- one side of it comes 2" higher than the other at the waist. It's so obvious I can't believe they were even packaged up like this.
5. The knitted leggings, although lovely material have such a low rise- so they sit on the love handles, and the waist-band elastic was insufficient.
6. the beanie hat is huge- would better fit a beach ball. It falls off a mere mortal like me.

I have kept a knitted dress.

I'm so disapponited, I love the idea of Hush, I love the design and styling, the colours are great but they have serious quality control issues.

Obviously I have written all this to them. I hope they sort their issues out.

purplepeony Sat 31-Oct-09 08:49:26

I think the website is pants- you simply can't see the clothes- worse than the White Company- no info on fabrics and they only offer 2 sizes- 10-12 would be massive for me as i am an 8-10.
Nice pics and a few nice bits but more style than substance i think is my opinion!

ICouldHaveWrittenThis Sat 31-Oct-09 08:58:01

argh... want!!

Hmm... think several things on here may make the xmas present list grin

AngelinaJolly Sat 31-Oct-09 09:03:45

Purplepeony - you are spot on about more style than substance.

I feel franky insulted at the outstandingly crap quality of the stuff they sent me. Appalling manufacture, sizing and QC. sad

Icouldhave... just be prepared!

purplepeony Sat 31-Oct-09 09:44:29

it's amazing what a pretty model and some soft focus shots do- I agree that the clothes look nice online- well, what you can see of them anyway- but there's nothing new- all a bit White Company/White Stuff hybrid, not cheap and on hangers in a high street shop I gues it wouldn't look so great.

TheOozingPusOfSeptimusSquelch Sat 31-Oct-09 11:49:09

Oh dear Angelina, how disappointing

Which dress did you buy?

I have ordered this one in blue (amongst other things). I love the colours and the model and the photography and, as you say, the idea of it all... what a shame it doesn't seem to live up to expectations

MadameCastafiore Sat 31-Oct-09 11:50:18

Wait until their sale - they do great reductions - I have loads of their dresses for the beach and by the pool that I got for £5 each in the summer.

pointyhat Sat 31-Oct-09 12:04:11

The term 'lounge wear' puts me off.

I don't lounge in that way.

MaggieOicheSamhain Sat 31-Oct-09 17:46:06

I agree pointyhat. I'm either dressed and ready for something in particular. Or in my cheap pyjamas.

If I lounge it's in clothes that aren't fit to be worn outside anymore! I don't send off for new ones at £40 for a pair of fancy pyjamas... shock

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