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New mum, no clothes, what to buy?

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mamaspice Fri 30-Oct-09 14:14:15

Apologies if this thread has been done a hundred times. I have just become a mum again and have this morning unpacked my prepregnancy clothes. Nothing fits which is very depressing apart from a few baggy tops. My legs are okay but I have still got a big tummy and boobs. I just feel an awkward shape and want to buy some (cheep) clothes to make me feel a bit better. Any ideas, gratefully received, for clothes to wear before you get your shape back (which could be a while!)which make you feel vaguely attractive?

Amandoh Fri 30-Oct-09 14:34:43

Congratulations on the new baby! grin

If your legs are good what about loose tunic style dresses?

Soft jersey at Wallis. Dress this down for day with thick tights and boots. Or this grey cotton one is plain but not dull and would be good over leggings.

This one at La Redoute has a buttoned front so is ideal if you're feeding as is this one at New Look and again, both could be worn over tights or leggings.

mamaspice Fri 30-Oct-09 18:22:29

Thank you Amandoh. Sorry its taken time to reply, DS and baby keeping me busy. I like the idea of tunic style dress. Thanks for links. I am breast feeding so the La Redoute style is probably the most practical. You know some good links. Cheers

MustNotEatCake Fri 30-Oct-09 18:38:53

ooh I'm right in the same boat. Let me get the other dcs bathed and in bed and I shall return!!

MustNotEatCake Fri 30-Oct-09 20:54:06

congrats on the baby mamaspice ... I've got a 5-week old and am also impatient to get back into my pre-preg clothes. Am also bfing so access is a must!

bought a couple of button-front, shirt-dress type things from Gap in the sale (about £20 each)

Henley dress from Boden for smarter.

mat jeans worn with l/s tees and long cardis .. cardi provides snuggle for the baby when feeding as well as cover when my top's up

have a squizz on ebay too .. loads of options there for tunics/ shirt dresses

mamaspice Sat 31-Oct-09 18:05:48

Hi sorry its taken so long to reply. Congratulation MustNotEatCake on your baby. Good ideas. Will have a look online at Gap. I went to next today because its close. Bought some tunic style dresses and long tops with buttons. Also bought a pair of leggings to wear them with. I remember leggings first time round so hoping I am not too old to wear them! Have maternity jeans if not feeling brave enough.

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