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when you reccomend ffriends to boden, how long do you have to wait to get the cash?

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carriedababi Fri 30-Oct-09 14:00:02

how do you spend the money.
<rubs greasy mitts together>

Dogchewsonlimbsanpumpkins Fri 30-Oct-09 14:02:34

Message withdrawn

Dogchewsonlimbsanpumpkins Fri 30-Oct-09 14:03:09

Message withdrawn

carriedababi Fri 30-Oct-09 14:07:12

when did you do that dog? i only did it today

what you going to spend yours on?
im going to get something for my dd

Dogchewsonlimbsanpumpkins Fri 30-Oct-09 14:09:28

Message withdrawn

carriedababi Fri 30-Oct-09 14:14:16

grin yeah i know what you meangrin

i quite liek the sparkly rainbow shirt for my dd,
is that the first time you reccomended anyone?
i might reccomend another 6 next month.

well as long as isn't a scam!
it might be!

carriedababi Fri 30-Oct-09 14:15:28

i quite like this

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