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I want this dress someone from MNHQ has it - where is it from?

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flier Fri 30-Oct-09 12:31:01

Some pics of Gordon Brown's visit have been posted on the mumsnet facebook page and I came across this one and really like the look of the dress. Please help me find it smile

Flamebat Fri 30-Oct-09 12:32:49

Tis Alexia - will nudge her to the thread

morningpaper Fri 30-Oct-09 12:34:12

that is Alexia

she is about 14 that's why she's so attractive envy

Flamebat Fri 30-Oct-09 12:37:55

she's annoyingly nice too. you want her to be dull and boring what with the attractiveness... although to be fair I have only met her when mixed with alcohol

MaggieOicheSamhain Fri 30-Oct-09 13:22:30

mumsnet offices look nice....

herbietea Fri 30-Oct-09 13:26:36

Message withdrawn

AlexiaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 30-Oct-09 13:53:41

Hi everyone

Thank you for your lovely comments

The dress is from Topshop (the big one on Oxford St) they have a boutique downstairs, its made my a company called Orion London.

I've looked everywhere for it online but can't find it but there's loads in stock, different colours and styles too.

Saucepanman Fri 30-Oct-09 13:56:19

Lovely dress smile

Can I hijack and ask anyone from MNHQ was GB very lovely in person?

Ewe Fri 30-Oct-09 13:56:54

Ooh it IS nice. I might pop down on way home from work.

carriedababi Fri 30-Oct-09 13:58:34

on here at all?

AlexiaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 30-Oct-09 14:02:31

I looked on their website but it wasn't on there unfortuantely.

It's on the basement floor on Oxford St Topshop

stakethroughtheheartofgold Fri 30-Oct-09 14:09:03

am facebookless pariah so unable to see pics but ebay is great for orion/mina style knock offs

flier Fri 30-Oct-09 15:52:22

thanks Alexia. Sadly I am many many miles from London sad but will look on ebay [hopeful]smile

flier Fri 30-Oct-09 15:58:17

they seem to have an online shop

AlexiaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 30-Oct-09 16:11:09

They do have an online shop, it doesn't have the dress I was wearing on there, but there are a few similar ones.

Could try contacting them:

London - Oxford Street

0845 124 11 44


flier Mon 02-Nov-09 11:18:50

thanks for that Alexia smile

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