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fab cruella deville makeup on you tube

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brimfull Thu 29-Oct-09 17:27:54


I tried it today but the eyebrow bit looked shite

BunnyLebowski Thu 29-Oct-09 17:32:34

That is amazing!

I am a wee bit obsessed with make-up tutorials on youtube at the minute.

this is the look I'm doing this Saturday for my Zombie Snow White!

Anyone else who likes this kinda thing check out

this amazing chick

and this lady who is funny as hell as well as incredibly talented!

Plenty of inspiration there for Halloween and everyday make-up!

brimfull Thu 29-Oct-09 17:48:59

yes me too love makeup tutorials on you tube

ok have looked at your 1st link-she is amazing -wish I was doing that sat night!
May try that on dh
have you had a go yet?
have you bought all the MAC makeup?

right will have a look at your other links now

BunnyLebowski Thu 29-Oct-09 18:08:33

I've had one attempt using crappy supermarket white face paint and it looked shite. So I bought myself some Mehron Clown White face paint which is oil based rather than water and apparently is what the professionals use and did it again last night and it looked FANTASTIC grin grin

For the eyeshadows I'm just using stuff I already have, just making sure they're matte rather than shimmery for a better halloween look.

The cracked vein lines are quite tricky to do as I'm so not artistic but I'm practising like crazy!

BunnyLebowski Thu 29-Oct-09 21:47:25

Well ggirl have you looked at MissChevious yet?? <stamps foot impatiently>

Go straight to her corpse bride look.!

In fact here ya go

brimfull Fri 30-Oct-09 08:53:32

omg she is fantastic

dd wants to do the 1st link -same as you're doing -but she hasn't seen the corpse bride yet , that is so brilliant.

wish I'd been a makeup artist -looks so much fun

love the cellotape tip as well

BunnyLebowski Mon 02-Nov-09 09:57:42

Pics on my profile ggirl smile

brimfull Mon 02-Nov-09 10:04:36

wow you looked fab!

didn't take any pics of myself -am crap at remembering to do that

your dd is gorgeous btw

CybilCybilCybil Mon 02-Nov-09 10:07:32

ggirrl have you seen the 'pixiewoo' <boak> make up a upmarket Lauren Luke.

i too love watching people have their make up done

brimfull Mon 02-Nov-09 10:09:17

no, will seek lil pixiewoo out

CybilCybilCybil Mon 02-Nov-09 10:12:22

watch this with a cuppa and a rich tea if you get a moment

Of course it helps when doing your make up if you are about 20, line free and gorgeous

brimfull Mon 02-Nov-09 10:24:14

just watched her everyday makeup

she is gorgeous

she does pile on the foundation though -wonder what it looks like up close and personal

will get cuppa and watch yours now

CybilCybilCybil Mon 02-Nov-09 10:31:29

I'd love to be a make up artist's colouring in for grown ups

CybilCybilCybil Mon 02-Nov-09 10:34:38

her and her sister put their concealer on AFTER their eye make up most times

brimfull Mon 02-Nov-09 10:48:37

just watchd it
yeh weird about the concealor
she piles that on too

methinks she may look a bit scary up close
like beauty counter women

and how much stuff did she have-lucky bitch!

AtleastbeCYBILtoeachother Tue 03-Nov-09 13:22:53

ggirl I wondering if this is more age appropriate hmm

AtleastbeCYBILtoeachother Tue 03-Nov-09 13:39:47

*this* doh

brimfull Tue 03-Nov-09 18:10:48

jeesus I lost the will to live after about 4minutes!

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