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HOw to achieve volume at root?

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navyeyelasH Thu 29-Oct-09 12:13:27

I posted a thread abour harr extensions/pieces last week and the general consensus was that they are not great and to achieve volume using products would be better.

So any top tips/brushes/products?

My hair is normal thickness I would say and past my shoulders. Someone reccomended this but I'm not sure if it only worls on thin hair?

Cost doesn't matter so long as it works!

navyeyelasH Thu 29-Oct-09 12:20:24

excuse all the typos, my mumsnet is messed up and I can't preview messages!

randomeuro Thu 29-Oct-09 12:22:21

Apply a volumising mousse. Section the hair and dry errrm in sections grin blowing the hair up from the root then drying/styling the ends how you like them styled. Have not used to product you linked but have used this which sounds similar. You could also spritz a little bit of this on the roots once your hair is dry.

purplepeony Thu 29-Oct-09 12:24:52

Is your hair thin?

If it is normal and long, then it is going to be flat at the roots unless you have some texturising done at the hairdressers ( shorter layers on the underneath layers which you can't see), or you could try velcro/heated rollers, but it sounds as if the weight of your hair is dragging it down.

I think you need to decide if you want volume- if you have thin hair- or bounce at the roots. if it is the latter, then it's going to be hard to acheive if you have longer hair all one length.

traceybath Thu 29-Oct-09 12:26:03

Also dry it upside down to get volume into the roots.

Also don't put conditioner on anything but the ends.

Big velcro rollers can also help with volume.

And agree - a good mouse and clipping hair and drying in sections with a big round brush.

Do you like how it looks after a blow-dry at the hairdressers? If so watch closely how they do it next time and copy them. I know I'm always too busy chatting and reading magazines to really study how they get such a good effect.

Heated Thu 29-Oct-09 12:41:37

My hair is fine and to get lift at the roots
-babyliss to rough dry hair upside down
-Vo5 mousse
-Paul Mitchell heat & seal
-style with an air styler - the crucial bit

Jewelsandgems Thu 29-Oct-09 14:16:20

I use a root lift spray, but spray onto my fingers, and then rub into the roots. I don't like mouse, because it leaves my hair dull and feeling dirty but it is very effective.

I don't find velcro rollers do me any favours, and the result can be a bit 'mature' instead my hair dryer has an attachment with a long comb looking thing and this allows you to dry the roots, whilst pushing your hair in the opposite direction (for maximum lift)

Then to finish, spray hairspray onto my fingers, and rub into the roots at the crown.

navyeyelasH Thu 29-Oct-09 19:02:11

Ok, sorry had to go food shopping sad

My hair is normal thickness I would say, and my hairdressers does it so it looks good but it never lasts. When I dry it it also looks good but for about 2 hours (prob 4 with the hairdresser).

All the women in my family are hairdressers but not really cutting edge IYKWIM so I'm trying to find a way myself.

At the minute I wash it with loreal elvie (twice) towel dry and condition it (on the ends only). Leave conditioner for 10 mins then wash of a bit and comb it all through then wash it all off.

To dry my hair I stick my head upside down and damp dry it. Then tip head right way and section it off and use a large barreled brush and dry it straight up if that makes sense and then roll the ends.

Then I put it in velcro rollers (the ones with the metal in) and blast them with the hairdryer. Then I leave to cool unroll rollers and give it a little blast with cold air to set to curl, then spritz with elnett hairspray.

So I use no product. Mousse I've used makes my hair really knotted and or crunchy.
heated what's an air styler? going to google now.

I think purplepeony is right it's the weight of my hair dragging it down, the ends and middle always look ok but the roots go flat quickly and I hate it.

I never touch or play with my hair, and it's layered with a side parting - maybe my layers are too long? I want it to look ala Cheryl Cole, obv I kknow she has a team of people making her look good throughout the day but if I could get enough volume at the roots I would be a happy woman!

Jewelsandgems Thu 29-Oct-09 19:24:48

Navy don't forget that cheryl cole has hair extentions! (fitted under the hair to give volume)

I think try a product, and I think you are leaving your conditioner on too long. Mine is Aussie volume and I put a 10p size amount on ends, leave on for max 1 minute and rinse. My hair is about 2 inches below shoulders. Conditioner can really weigh hair down. A really good product is Redken Body Full, it is a but pricy, but you can instantly feel the thickness when washing, the the conditioner leaves hair really light.

Asda have 3 for £10 on the whole lot of their higher tier hair products I.E Charles Worthington/John Freida etc etc. Charles worthing Big Hair (orange bottle) is very good, and the john frieda have a very good thickening spray.

navyeyelasH Thu 29-Oct-09 19:47:05

Jewelsandgems - I know she has extensions, do you really think that the look is unachievable without? That might make my plight easier grin.

Will check out the Redken stuff, is it a shampoo? I never really thought volumising shampoo worked but am willing to give it a shot!

Heated Thu 29-Oct-09 20:04:26

The air styler I have is a Remington, the one with a bristle brush so it smooths. Mousse is needed to fix it, so possibly you were using too much? But I have to use both the hairdryer with the attachment on cool setting and tip my head upside down = crazy scientist hair, & then the airstyler to tame it without losing volume.

Jewelsandgems Thu 29-Oct-09 20:15:25

Navy I don't think it is possible to achieve that look without some artificial help!

Body Full is a shampoo and conditioner range and I do find that volumising products such as these make a massive difference to my fine hair.

(I also curl my hair with a conical wand - not every wash but at least once every 2 weeks - and this also gives great volume and movement and the curls drop to lovely waves, that last for days and days)

navyeyelasH Thu 29-Oct-09 21:46:29

Right I think I'm goig to invest in loads of volumising products and one of those air stylers.

Could I use a mouse, a root spray and that Osis talc like stuff I liked too or is that too much? Will loads of product make my hair heavy?

Jewelsandgems, NOOOOOOOOO! Don't say that; although I suspct you're right. just want as much volume as I can get in that case then.

My hair can be seen here btw.

Jewelsandgems Fri 30-Oct-09 14:31:49

You have lovely shimmery hair navy smile

Yes, you've guessed it: if you use all products together you'll just be left with crispy, dull knotty hair.

I would start with the root spray/mousse, because this may make all the difference. And if not (or you really like the fully look!) then you can go the whole shebang and get the volumising shampoo/conditioner too grin

Good luck and post a picture with your newly volumised hair!!

navyeyelasH Fri 30-Oct-09 19:20:54

Aww thanks Jewels - us women are never happy eh?

I will have a go next Sat and let you all know the outcome!

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