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Shoe size for 2.5yo boy

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minxmum Wed 15-Jun-05 11:44:30

Hi. I'm travelling to Tanzania next week to see dd's dad. His housekeeper has a 2.5yo son. It's impossible to get decent kids' shoes there so I wanted to get her some as a present. But I have no idea what would be an appropriate size. I realise it's a bit of a risk but if anyone had any suggestions for what size I should buy, maybe a size to grow into over the next few months? Thanks a lot.

Lonelymum Wed 15-Jun-05 11:45:57

My ds3 is 2.4 and he wears size 7. Not sure what size that is in continental numbers.

Gwenick Wed 15-Jun-05 11:46:41

I'd say probably around a 8-9 (to grow into). DS2 is 18 months and has size 6 feet - but he's very tall and has big feet, DS1 at 2.5yrs I seem to recall was in around 7-8 at that age (but I could be wrong)

dillydally Wed 15-Jun-05 11:48:48

Could you get adjustable sandals so it doesnt matter as much about the size?
I would go for an 8 too

minxmum Wed 15-Jun-05 11:50:02

Wow, instant response. Thanks!

ivy3 Wed 15-Jun-05 11:50:26

My dd is 3 and she and most of her friends (that I am aware of) have size 7 or 8 shoes.

LIZS Wed 15-Jun-05 11:52:27

Can you get them to measure the length of his foot or draw around it ? We've just sent some cast off shoes to Ghana and was told they were on the smaller side, so included dd's last year Doodles which I think were a 6 or European 22/23. She is particularly petite though.

Lonelymum Wed 15-Jun-05 11:53:36

Drawing round the foot is a brilliant idea I think.

loulabelle222 Wed 15-Jun-05 11:53:46

my ds is 14m and around 4.5 5 now!

TrophyWife Wed 15-Jun-05 12:00:42

my ds is 2.5 and hes just grown into a size 8. so i would say either a 8 or 9 so that worse comes to worse he can grow into them.

elliott Wed 15-Jun-05 12:02:39

I would err on the smaller side too, tbh. ds1 is 3.5 and size 7/8 now - I think last summer he was around a 6. He's not THAT minute!
Sandals a good idea too, then its less crucial.

Gwenick Wed 15-Jun-05 12:03:05

Also bear in mind that 'generally' children out there are smaller than our great lanky kids. - so she may well have smaller feet.

jane313 Wed 15-Jun-05 12:31:06

My son is almost 2 and hes already a 7 and very wide.

minxmum Wed 15-Jun-05 12:32:01

Great. That makes my shopping trip tomorrow a lot easier. DD only 10months at moment so I'm sure the price of shoes it going to be a bit of an eye-opener. Ah, it's all to come...

zebraZ Wed 15-Jun-05 12:37:01

My kids are runts and were size 5 (DD) & 5.5 (DS) at 2.5yo.

Lonelymum Wed 15-Jun-05 12:39:40

Minxmum, it is not the price of the shoes that is the problem, it is the frequency with which yo have to buy them IMO!

Tetley Wed 15-Jun-05 12:39:56

My ds2 is size 7 to 7.5 at 2.5yo. He's on the large side & I think his brother was about a half size smaller at a similar age.

Niddlynono Wed 15-Jun-05 12:43:45

DS (2.8) is 8 1/2.

elliott Wed 15-Jun-05 13:01:58

OK, in the light of this thread maybe ds1 IS a runt! in fact I think last years sandals (when he was 2.5) were size 5. Same as ds2 this year at age 18 months!
But I still think for a tanzanian child you might be better comparing with the smaller kids here.

bundle Wed 15-Jun-05 13:10:04

dd2 (was 2 in april) wears only a size 4 or 5 at the moment, she has much smaller feet than her big sister, which i was surprised by.

Prettybird Wed 15-Jun-05 13:33:05

Ds must have small feet: he is 4.5 and his feet are 9/9.5 (depdending on whether it is Clarks or Start-rite).

I think last summer he was a 7, but I'm not sure.

bigdonna Thu 16-Jun-05 12:16:05

i think average is 7-8. my dd was a size 8.5 at 2.5 and my son was a size 11.5.he still has huge feet.

Hausfrau Thu 16-Jun-05 12:19:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mum2Ela Thu 16-Jun-05 12:23:36

DD is 2.8 yrs and an 8.5. Showing no signs of slowinng down wither

Pinotmum Thu 16-Jun-05 12:26:17

Ds is 2.8 yo and a size 7.5 but he;s been this size for a while now so a growth spurt is due

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