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mouldy boots - wwyd??

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MustNotEatCake Wed 28-Oct-09 14:22:16

I splashed out on a pair of suede knee-high boots when I was 21 .... $250, was a fortune at the time. Wore them that night to the Jamiroquai concert with the first love of my life (with a hot pink tartan mini and an charcoal angora sleeveless top, LOL) and have worn them loads over the intervening 16 years

but found them in my wardrobe last night with mould on them!! my question is .. should I bother to get them cleaned (they're not a good shape/ style for this season but will no doubt come good again) or just bid them farewell??

I keep thinking about a pair of boots my mum had, which I asked for in my teens and was saddened to hear she'd thrown them out ... I love the idea of my dd wanting and having these boots later on but is it worth hanging on to them in this vague hope?? wwyd?

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 14:49:03

Like your new name.

I would keep them. My mum kept the dress she was wearing the night before she had me when she went to a concert and had the time of her life. I wore it when I was pg with dd and loved doing so. I am pretty sentimental though.

My dad kept a black leather jacket with big collars he spent a fortune on in the 70s and I wore it in the 90s with pride.

Get them cleaned and see what they look like?

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