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Help, I need a new hairdo!!! (restyle appointment tomorrow!)

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Fruitbeard Wed 28-Oct-09 13:25:10

My hair has not been cut since January, following the mullet incident (involving my usual stylist on maternity leave and me neither wearing my contact lenses nor understanding what 'feathering' is) at my ex-hairdressers.

It has taken this long to grow the top layer to just below chin length and the rest of it is hanging several inches below my shoulders. Currently a lovely two-tone of greasy dark brown (natural) from roots to chin and dry, straw-like blondey-copper highlights from chin to shoulders.

As you can imagine, I am in serious need a haircut! It would be nice if I could look relatively human for the MN Xmas do at the end of the month....

There is a pic of me on my profile (about halfway down), my face is sort of heart-shaped but with a weird chin, I don't have much of a neck, I wear glasses 9 times out of 10. My hair is very fine and left to its own devices hangs flatter than a flat thing on either side of my face.

For the past 4 years I have had a long-layered style, side parted with a wispy fringe, but am no longer sure I want this as hairdressers seem to have difficulty in interpreting it! It started as one of these but transmogrified over the years into more of a "Rachel".

I have an appointment at a new salon (recommended by a friend) tomorrow but am horribly indecisive about hair, bad at explaining myself and have no idea what suits me - can any lovely MNers suggest a cut that I can print a pic of and wave at the hairdressers tomorrow?

Amandoh Wed 28-Oct-09 14:07:22

The hairstyle in the photo you've linked to looks perfect for fine hair and doesn't look that difficult for a stylist to achieve. Then, once cut, it looks easy enough to do at home yourself with a bit of thickening spray on the roots.

Do you still like that style though or do you want something different?

Have you had a flick through one of those Hair Magazines? I went to a new hairdresser as my usual one turned my hair a funny peachy colour and the new hairdresser asked me to take along lots of photos from magazines of hair colours I liked and she would see which ones she could do for me. Take a few pics along of styles you like and ask the hairdresser to be completely honest with you as to which would suit you and which ones she'd be able to create.

BTW... The cakes on your profile are just beautiful! I'm so jealous. Even my muffins sink.

Fruitbeard Wed 28-Oct-09 18:37:53

Thanks Amandoh

I do like that hairstyle, but it seems to be impossible to get anyone to cut it like that! They all want to give me something more 'fashionable' which doesn't actually suit me or my hair type (or needs so much styling/prduct on it to achieve the look that it'll never ever look as good at home!).

Also I've had it like that (or an approximation) for the last 4 years and whilst I fancy a change, I don't know what to...

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