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chattermouse Wed 28-Oct-09 12:17:34

The boden black skirt with coloured hoops is back in stock! I know you were interested but it had previously sold out in your size.

Are you tempted? <<<wicked shopping temptress emoticon>>>> grin smile

chattermouse Wed 28-Oct-09 12:20:22

If you are interested, to help you re size, i would say that the size 10 is on the generous side. I got the regular length and at 5ft 9.5 it ends in the middle of my knees. Looks great with varying colour tops and cardigans and is slimming due to black waist area.

chattermouse Wed 28-Oct-09 12:25:30

BTW, the 20% code Johnnie will have emailed you for the spring preview website works on it taking £14 poundish off it , so down to £55.20 smile

chattermouse Wed 28-Oct-09 21:37:14


VineGruesomeTits Wed 28-Oct-09 21:40:28

You know everytime i click on a boden item i try to keep an open mind, but everytime i find myself doing a cats bum face <eugh> sorry its orrible

chattermouse Wed 28-Oct-09 22:07:45

It looks nice on, honest gov!

pleasechange Thu 29-Oct-09 10:27:58

Hi chattermouse - sorry have only just seen your thread (was buy getting embroiled in arguments elsewhere grin)

I think maybe it would be too long on me if it's at your knees. I'm a bit of a shortass. Do like it though, and am very into skirts at the mo. Thanks for letting me know though grin

I've still not received my grey henley in the size 10. I ordered both sizes and they sent me the 12 two weeks ago sad. Am also waiting for the tanks (ordered an 8 and 10!). Don't know if I mentioned it, but also ordered 2 coats (but am only planning to keep one!). Ordered a velvet one in damson and a purple cord trench. Can't wait til they arrive

Have managed to stay away from the spring preview thus far........

chattermouse Thu 29-Oct-09 20:44:56

Nevermind re the skirt smile! It felt right to give you the thumbs up grin. Ikwym re length. Although tall i always go for regular length. I think sometimes a longer skirt can look a bit frumpy. I also like the look of the swishy skirt in indigo denim. But is gone in my size (10R).

Still not received my grey Henley either, but think i ordered a fair while after you. I did however get the brown one though! it came back in on low stock so snapped it up in an 8. I love it and it's great with lots of my clothes. I do think though that it is a shade smaller than my grape one. It still fits though, so no problem. Just need the grey to arrive now then i'll have the full set grin. What is the 12 like on you re size? Do you like the material/colourway/style? I just checked the website and you can order the grey at the mo with a 4 week wait so hopefully ours should not be any longer than that. I got a letter from Boden a while back saying they did not know what date to expect it. Hopefully then 4 weeks is now the longstop date.

OOOOhh re the tanks! What colours did you go for? And OMG you are going coat crazy, Johnnie will be sending you a xmas card at this rate!! Did you order the Damson velvet blazer? If so I am totally envy. I love the look of that piece. But i must stop buying stuff so i just look at it on the website often and twitch and drool whilst slapping my straying hand away from my purse I have been sensible and imposed a boden curfew on myself for at least 2 weeks grin. What size did you go for ?, i would go 10 i think, so it is not too tight across shoulders. The damson is defo the best colour. It looks like it will be bright looking. You'll have to let me know if it more blue than navy in colour. I could defo be tempted at some future point.......

I like the look of the trench too. And it would satisfy your purple coat craving, lol. I tried on a nice black cord coat in M&S, was about £79 or £89 i think. Came with a scarf and fitted well in a 10 on me. But i just don't need a coat like that so could not justify buying it hmm.

I've ordered stuff from the spring preview but unless it is totally FAB-O i will be returning it. None of it really set my pulse racing tbh.

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