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Stretchmarks on lower face/neck?

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PixiNanny Tue 27-Oct-09 22:53:05

I didn't know where else to put this but I was just wondering if anybody else got them? Every few days I wake up with marks like stretch marks on my lower face or the middle of my neck (center throat area), they look like stretched out love bites and disappear within a day or so.

I'm not particularly bothered by them to be honest but am slightly worried about the ones that come up on my neck as I'll be working with teens again next year so I don't want it to look dodgy in a way that could and probably will get me in trouble.

Anyone else get them? And if so, can you use normal foundation or concealer to cover them up effecively?

Amandoh Tue 27-Oct-09 23:18:31

I don't think what you're describing are stretchmarks. As stretchmarks don't look like love bites. Stretchmarks normally start as quite an angry purple or deep pink colour and then fade to pale scars after a few months.

What you're describing sounds like scratches that haven't broken the skin. Is it possible you're scratching your face and neck during the night? It might be an idea to keep your nails short.

Or possibly it's some form of rosacea. Estee Lauder now make a maximum coverage foundation specifically designed to hide scars, tattoos and skin conditions such as rosacea. Ask for a sample next time you pass an Estee Lauder counter and see if it helps disguise the marks.

Have you thought about a visit to your GP? I know you say you're not that bothered by them but sometimes a new skin condition can be a sign of something else going on.

PixiNanny Wed 28-Oct-09 11:40:07

Well they're deep pink, I suppose I am caqlling them stretchmarks because I swear they appear after I've over stretched my neck? Sounds stupid right? grin Can't be my nails, I have no nails what-so-ever (chonic biter so I keep them stupidly short to stop biting them).

I'll check out this maximum coverage stuff, I'm sure debanhams will have a counter (only place I can thyink of that would), thank you

I didn't think the GP would be particularily interested in them as they appear for a day, don't cause any pain then just go? I need to go to the docs at some point for a pill top up so I'll wait until a few more marks appear and go then

thank you! grin

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