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Desperately want some seriously slouchy flat boots....

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BeehiveBaby Tue 27-Oct-09 22:43:48

....I see other women with them all the time but am too scared to ask where they got them blush. Ones that hang really far away from the leg, not knee length, but not very very low. Usually suede? A 1in block/ cuban heel would be perfection, but flat would be nice too. Can't spend more than £150.


fin42 Tue 27-Oct-09 23:29:29

I have these in purple but they have plenty of choice of colours.

Jajas Tue 27-Oct-09 23:49:41

I have these in black and love them to bits! Brown looks horrible btw. They are mid calf length and a fair way away from the leg. Not sure if slouchy enough for you though?

BeehiveBaby Wed 28-Oct-09 15:15:59

Thanks for the suggestions smile

I am looking for baggier....imagine the concept of harem pants applied to boots!

BunnyLebowski Wed 28-Oct-09 15:43:05

What about any of these baggy beauties?

my mate has these ones and loves them



BeehiveBaby Wed 28-Oct-09 15:53:20

Ooh, that's a good site!

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