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Help me out, how do I deal with curly hair?

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DD2 has mad hair. It is striking strawberry red, when it is wet it ringlets beautifully but as she sleeps on it/if it sees a brush/hat etc is just frizzes into this mad halo of gorgeousness!

It is really fine and flyaway, I can just about get it into hairbands but she hates them and tugs at them, but I just want it to look sort of controlled sometimes.

Pic on my profile, it's not great but you get the ideagrin

Lio Tue 27-Oct-09 21:35:04

Is there an age limit on the curly girl thing? Been lots of threads on here.

fluffles Tue 27-Oct-09 21:36:27

never ever ever brush it! never!

if it goes frizzy spray with either water or leave-in conditioner and that should put it back into curls.

i think your only hope of it looking 'controlled' is in a wide cloth alice band (at least it's my only hope and i've had curly strawberry blonde hair for 33 years now grin) and anyway controlled is overrated in my opinion.

ruddynorah Tue 27-Oct-09 21:40:38

ok step away from the brush!!!

talk through what you do like how often it's washed, how it's dried..

the key really is to leave it to dry naturally and when you'd probably think of brushing it, spray water with a touch of leave in conditioner mixed in.

MaggieBruja Tue 27-Oct-09 21:43:48

PLEASE somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm doing a kind of half-hearted curlygurl thing.

Obviously I never brush my hair.

wash it with baby shampoo (can't face no poo - not shampooing at all I suppose! arhg)

Original source conditioner. There is a list of ingredients we shouldn't touch. If any of the ingredients ends in cone, it's a baddie...

I don't use watered down gel on my hair though as i find it's disgusting apart from the first day.

I've been using australian hair serum. It's nice. Am I ok to assume that the australia range of products are 'curly gurl compliant'??

moodlum Tue 27-Oct-09 21:44:55

I am a vintage contributor to the curly threads on here. Basically. Boots curl creme. Aveda Stay curly shampoo. No brush. Wide tooth comb. Serum for crazy hair curls.

MaggieBruja Tue 27-Oct-09 21:45:52

What conditioner do you use moodlum?

ruddynorah Tue 27-Oct-09 21:47:51

btw, when you have washed it, don't rough dry it with a towel, just gently 'scrunch' up the ringlets, do not rub at all. if you look up the curly girl method this is called 'plopping' !

moodlum Tue 27-Oct-09 21:48:16

Either - the aveda one or... (rushes to bathroom to find out..)

<out of breath> KMS curl up..

Not looked into the world of curly hair as mine is poker straight, as is DD1's.
Currently I wash it once a week (skank) and rough dry it with a towel so she doens't go to bed with it wet.
Then overnight as she sleeps on it the back goes all frizzball and the top stay s abit ringletty.
I wash it in grown up shampoo and conditioner as that is what I use for DD1's (very thick and long) hair.

She is 2, I don't even use serum on my own hair!

MaggieBruja Tue 27-Oct-09 21:50:16

thanks moodlum! bit of exercise do ya good grin

MaggieBruja Tue 27-Oct-09 21:50:54

What is plopping by the way? isthat applying the product?


<<shaves DD2's hair>>

It's not so muhc controlled I want as I love it when it is ringletted, sometimes I bath her in the morning purely so I can leave her hair to dry naturally, it just gets so tangled up over the day and as she sleeps on it/rolls around on the floor.
So purchase list?
Wide tooth comb
leave in/spray bottle
What sort of shampoo conditioner do I look for?

MaggieBruja Tue 27-Oct-09 21:59:49

My son's hair is very curly, but unlike mine, is isn't so thick so it springs into curls. I only wash his hair once every three weeks! low maintenance!! 0r disgusting?

ruddynorah Tue 27-Oct-09 22:13:59

stop with the rough drying.

brushing or rough drying breaks up the ringlets.

if you use product it's only going to be a tiny bit just scrunched into the hair. don't be running it through IYSWIM. so put serum in hands, scoop ringlets into hands and squeeze your hands upwards towards to roots so all the ringlet is squished in your hands. for a small child you only need maybe 3 scrunches to cover all the hair!

dd is 3. she has hair wash at night. goes to bed with it damp. then wakes up with it dry. then it gets sprayed with water mixed with leave in conditioner to revive the curls.

her grandma (MIL) finds this intolerable! she can not understand not brushing it!

StopTalkingAndEatYourDinner Tue 27-Oct-09 22:35:57

DD has spiral curls and I have tried every method to beat the frizz! I have found the best method is to wash with conditioner rather than shampoo and after trying about 20 types (including all the posh ones) I have found Tresemme works best. I put loads of conditioner on her hair when she is in the bath then I comb it through with a hedgehog brush (the kind that has little balls on the end of the bristles). After rinsing I squeeze her hair dry with a towel (never rub it) then put loads or serum on it. Sometimes I just add more conditioner and leave it in.
I use a detangling spray on it in the morning which revives the curls - I only brush when I absolutely have to and I put loads of detangler on when I do it. I really recommend a tangle teezer hairbrush, they are fab!
Your girls are beautiful by the way grin

AbricotsSecs Tue 27-Oct-09 22:39:37

Message withdrawn

MaggieBruja Wed 28-Oct-09 07:41:50

ruddynorah, my mother is the same, she longs to take a brush to my son's hair but I won't let her. (she also wants to take a scissors to it)

SHe spent the first ten years of my life brushing the curl out of my hair. It was a big frizzy thatch, but then sh'ed stand back and say "there, that's better"... so we've had big arguments over this over the years!! HER hair is poker straight.

quick update, washed DD2's hair last night in conditioner, no shampoo and dryed it by scrunbching ina towel and the top and back are lovely and almost ringletty the dides are a bit frizzy but I couldnt find my spray, shall add some pics soon. It looks much better already though, thanks!

SixtyFootGhoul Sat 31-Oct-09 22:58:49

Use a microfibre towel or turban.

I did, I think that's wqhat made the difference. She looks so much cuter with curly hair instea dof the red afrogrin

vairtdrunk, sorry

MissGreatBritain Sat 31-Oct-09 23:23:13

"strawberry red"

We know what you really mean Jack........... grin

lumpsdumps Sun 01-Nov-09 20:04:02

My DD2 has really curly hair which has always been difficult to deal with until I started with the no poo method and now it's lovely to deal with. I don't ever comb it but do use a fine tooth comb on it for the nits, but usually just a wide toothed comb and then just a little bit of the naked curl creme and I leave it to dry naturally.

Phoenix4725firestarter Sun 01-Nov-09 20:09:03

dd has mid back shirley temple style curly hair and most mornings she has shower or bath where i slap condtioner on it only shampoo twice a week

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