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Here'as a quick beauty tip for all you beauty ladies

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CybilWrites Tue 27-Oct-09 15:16:15

Don't apply St tropez mousse last thing at night sans glove, using only left hand, then forget to wash hand. I might have to do it again with my right hand to get a matching pair

<oompah loompah emotion>

mummee09v Tue 27-Oct-09 16:03:37

haha!! i am a fake tan fan and ALWAYS wear gloves.

apparently, toothpaste gets rid of unwanted fake tan stainage??

never tried it myself though!!!

CybilWrites Tue 27-Oct-09 17:23:35

I usually am very good with the gloves but was in a quick 'ooh my boobs look a bit white' mood. Now my palm is a bit orange

Saltire Tue 27-Oct-09 17:28:21

A customer brought a bottle of fake tan back to the shop where I work yesterday, demanding a refund as "it made my hands brown"hmm

mummee09v Tue 27-Oct-09 17:28:57

LMAO saltire

CybilWrites Tue 27-Oct-09 17:29:28

Thats a schoolgirl error

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