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Anyone else disappointed with White Stuff?

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NancyBotwin Sun 25-Oct-09 18:46:00

Had only seen the odd few pieces in JL before in RL - but usually though ti looked nice online. New store opened near me recently so went to have a look - I was taken aback at the lack of quality. There was a velvet jacket/coat I'd been eyeing up online (a bit similar in style to the Boden ones) and it was nowhere nearly as well made. Cheaper maybe but you could so tell...

And I am after a longish tunic for winter but could not find a single one that wasn't either wool (makes me itch) or made out of horrid synthetic material which I know would bring me out in a hot flush although I'm not menopausal (yet)- what's wrong with cotton jersey??

SimonHowl Sun 25-Oct-09 18:49:23

oh i saw a fat face brochure in teh paper
WTF has happened there

SimonHowl Sun 25-Oct-09 18:49:36

and white stuff is ok but bery ££

NancyBotwin Sun 25-Oct-09 18:51:12

Yes agree it is ££ but was prepared to shell out for one nice tunic if I thought I would wear it loads

Stylelostinlabour Sun 25-Oct-09 18:53:17

Yeap agree FF and WF getting more ££ and nothing stands out - but where else to shop?

CybilAviationAuthority Sun 25-Oct-09 18:55:07

J'agree fat face AWFUL unless you drive a VW camper van and live in Port Somewhere or other

sagan Sun 25-Oct-09 19:01:47

Yep, FF is full of an awful royal blue this season. Yuck. I went in looking for an outfit now I've lost some weight and could find nothing I would wear outside my own living room. White Stuff is cut for midgets, and it's in the public interest for me not to bare my stomach in public wink

CybilAviationAuthority Sun 25-Oct-09 19:03:16

FF stuff just looks shabby and worn out before you've even tried it on...not my cup'o tea at all. I'm not a surfer chick by the stretch of anyones imagination

BonjourIvresse Fri 30-Oct-09 14:32:06

I went in WS today and thought it all looked quite frumpy - even kew was more trendy

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