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Hair dye allergy

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gio71 Sun 25-Oct-09 08:12:56

Every time I have dyed my hair in the past I have had an allergic reaction. Are there any natural products out there anyone knows of? Is Henna easy to use and if so is it advisable to do at home or salon? I have brown hair and am starting to get a few grey hairs through which I want to cover.

bottersnike Sun 25-Oct-09 08:43:15

There is a brand available in Sainsburys; can't remember what it's called, but it's in a brown paper-style bag (it's nicer than it sounds). The dye is vegetable-colour based, and is much gentler than conventional dyes. I've used it twice and had no problems (and I usually get a slight skin reaction to salon stuff).

gio71 Sun 25-Oct-09 18:07:50

thanks! Will look out for it and give it a go

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