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In need of makeup makeover - where's best?

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FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Sat 24-Oct-09 19:46:15

I am scared of getting stuck in a makeup rut and was thinking of booking in with Bobbi Brown for a refresher. Has anyone done this? Are there any other lines you would recommend trying?

A friend recently went to Laura Mercier and I was impressed by the very natural results. I want to look gorgeous (of course), but not too made up.

frakula Sat 24-Oct-09 19:48:26

Depends on your 'style'

I go for Estee Lauder because I like to look 'done' and Laura Mercier makes me feel too naked personally. Bobbi Brown is nice, as is Prescriptives, but they're closing down.

Loads of places do free makeovers so if you live near a department store (and have the time) just go round the lot!

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Sat 24-Oct-09 19:54:43

I steer towards 'natural' and I am scared of some of the women who work in dept stores and wear the whole of the available range at once. I was 'done' by Benefit a while back and looked great under the store lights, but a fright in natural daylight.

frakula Sat 24-Oct-09 21:38:25

The light is v. important! The best place I ever went to was on the third floor of a department store right by a window. Maybe that's why I love Estee Lauder so much...

Can easily recommend brands to avoid if you don't like the scary look but tbh you're better off going in and looking for someone whose style is similar to the look you want to acheive, which for me means no neon eyeshadow or orange lippy!

What's you're most convenient department store? I can recommend a few make-up artists who work on counters in specific department stores but the chances of you being anywhere near them are rather slim!

PumpkinProject Sat 24-Oct-09 22:12:44

Bobby Brown definitely natural. In fact I had my make up down by them for a Prince gig and I looked lovely, but like I was going to work! In the end I had to go to another counter (benefit in this case) to make it look like I was actually making an effort!

However MAC is a wonderful compromise btw the two. You'll definitely have to book for them though.

Have fun!

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Sun 25-Oct-09 15:11:54

Thanks, Frakula and PP. Newcastle is where I am headed for. I think that I will head for BB or MAC.

mylovelymonster Sun 25-Oct-09 16:46:43

Do them all!! Makes you feel fab. I have a weakness for Guerlain - but then the (older) lady on the counter was a pro and made me look like a catwalk model when she'd finished.

snowybaby Tue 27-Oct-09 12:48:06

I love armani makeup. the foundation texture is amazing ...feel like you're wearing nothing. I'm addicted to all the stuffs actually...because all of them are sooooo goood!!!

CMOTdibbler Tue 27-Oct-09 12:52:51

I'd vote for MAC - they do go with your current look, and do have a tendency to default to brown for me (when I've asked for help in being more adventurous). V good quality and it really lasts

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Tue 27-Oct-09 15:32:09

Thanks, SB. I am always reading about Armani foundation and how wonderful it is, but I don't think that is available above Leeds!

I will walk past BB and MAC and check out whose makeup looks best on the makeup artistes.

ICantFindAFreeNickName Tue 27-Oct-09 21:56:46

I think MAC are great. The MAC girls & guys at my local department store are always in over the top scary catwalk make-up, but whenever I have asked for help, they have been brilliant in giving me really subtle easy to wear colours.

katy1katy Wed 28-Oct-09 07:21:52

Message withdrawn

bigTillyMint Wed 28-Oct-09 07:34:10

I had a Space NK one done a few years ago and it was really good. Infact, maybe I'll look for the number....

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Thu 29-Oct-09 18:48:02

Thanks. We do have a SpaceNK in Newcastle, but only yesterday I was told that the manager can be a bit sneery. My informant is addicted to NARS eyeliner and has to force herself to go in when desperate for new supplies.

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