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Nightclubs - HELP

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Quattrofangs Sat 24-Oct-09 14:47:18

For reasons that are just too long and complicated to explain, I am going to have to go to a nightclub next weekend.

I am happy to say that a large part of my youf was misspent but that was an awfully long time ago. Nowadays, evenings out (rare) tend to be spent with friends, at the theatre or mind-numbing black tie dinners.

So I have NOTHING to wear. I really need some inspiration. I don't even know where to start ...

Ivykaty44 Sat 24-Oct-09 14:49:18

one of these dresses with black shoes

Quattrofangs Sat 24-Oct-09 14:55:09

I honestly couldn't get away with that, Ivy, Lovely though it is.

anothermum92 Sat 24-Oct-09 15:02:21

Message withdrawn

tulpe Sat 24-Oct-09 15:13:58

Quattro - can you give us an indication of size, height, heels or no etc?

How about a tunic dress and leggings?

Something like this

or this

You could pair either with opaques or leggings and heeled shoes or ankle boots.

Ivykaty44 Sat 24-Oct-09 15:16:11

could you do black trousers and a sparkly number top?

picmaestress Sat 24-Oct-09 15:28:34

Eugh, it's a tricky one. Black opaque tights, black heels and a tunic top worn as a mini dress, and make your hair big, and put tons of eyeliner on. Add a big bangle as jewellery.

Don't whatever you do wear jeans. No-one ever wears jeans to nightclubs any more, unless it's in a post ironic mock 80s way.

purepurple Sat 24-Oct-09 15:41:41

I live near Blackpool so have some experience of what is required dress in these places.
You will need:-
The shortest, teeniest, spagetti strapped dress that you can find. You know, that just about covers your arse, but not your boobs.

A pair of strappy sandals with the highest heels that you can find. The heels will be so high that you can't actually walk in them and you have to carry them all night.

Then you have to make sure that ALL your friends are dressed in exactly the same way.

mothersmilk Sat 24-Oct-09 15:44:19

jeans if worn have to be tight so tight you can sit down wink

tulpe Sat 24-Oct-09 16:30:33

wouldn't go for the black trousers and sparkly top combo. IMHO.....tis a bit too "middle-aged woman on the lash" to be worn to a club. If you wore same outfit to pub then somehow I feel that's okay but no, not to a club.

Quattrofangs Sat 24-Oct-09 17:09:22

Hight 5' 10" - size 12/14 and aged 42.

<panics at the thought of spaghetti dress revealing flabulous bits>

Perhaps the secret is to get too drunk to care?

Quattrofangs Sat 24-Oct-09 17:09:59


CherylVole Sat 24-Oct-09 17:40:13

i think a cool logo t shirt/dress ( lots in zara and in h and m)
some leggings
a tuxedo or boyfreind style jacket.
those fiercey( i dont like meslef) shoes

CherylVole Sat 24-Oct-09 17:42:53

i know its 80s but get with it
this kind of horror yes next but the rice is on

CherylVole Sat 24-Oct-09 17:43:10

sorry not zara and h and m
zara and FCUK

Quattrofangs Sat 24-Oct-09 17:46:53

Tulpe - thank you - I do like those French Connection dresses

But I really can't wear heels. I would have to be carried in <imagines being borne in on a litter>. Can I wear something flat?

CherylVole Sat 24-Oct-09 17:48:53

what about me me me
i helped sad

Quattrofangs Sat 24-Oct-09 17:52:28

I was just responding to say thanks Cheryl - sorry had to nip off and sort out DD before acknowledging everyone - but I love the idea of a tunic dress.

No jeans. I understand that now.

I need something to put some money in that can be worn. Handbags always a mistake from very dim memory.

SqueezyCheesyPumpkin Sat 24-Oct-09 17:57:42

The French Connection dresses are lovely.

IMO you shouldn't worry too much about what anyone else thinks. Make effort but don't wear something you feel uncomfortable in just to try and 'fit in' or something that will sit in the back of your wardrobe because you'll never wear it again.

The opaques and tunic idea sounds good, easy and doesn't have to be all glitzy, then you can wear the tunic afterwards and get some use out of it. If you don't wear heels, what about flat knee high boots? I wear mine with tunic style dresses and A line skirts and it gives a sort of quirky sixties look.

I wouldn't be seen dead in all this 80s garb that's going around just now, it was hellish enough the first time round grin

Hope you have a great time.

CherylVole Sat 24-Oct-09 18:15:29

a small clutch with a wrist strap is a good idea

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