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girls' sparkly pumps

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stakethroughtheheartofgold Sat 24-Oct-09 10:41:52

i'm looking for silver glittery shoes/slippers for the dds. just for a bit of fun on xmas day, dressing up etc. not to do service as actual shoes iyswim. so need to be cheap (sub £15) and ideally have softish soles (they don't do unbendy slippers either).

the catch is they need to be available in (kids) 8 and 13 - i can find styles i like in either/or but not both and i think they'd be really tickled to have matching shoes. thought i'd got it sorted with these in silver but they've arrived and are really small (i.e. the ones marked 1 are smaller than size 12 doodles) and they don't go any bigger

have trawled extensively please help!

Mamazonabroomstick Sat 24-Oct-09 10:43:51

i am fairly certain i have seen similar in H&M. they are very cheap indeed, about £6

stakethroughtheheartofgold Sat 24-Oct-09 10:47:39

ooh thanks mamazon will see if i can sneak in and have a look today. i somehow thought they'd be everywhere atm and a piece of piss to find but online it appears not.

luciemule Sat 24-Oct-09 10:52:33

if not, Next Directory or matalan

stakethroughtheheartofgold Sat 24-Oct-09 10:58:28

next have one style that might do - the smaller and larger sizes are slightly different though and they're a smidge over budget, so will keep them in reserve if i can't find something cheaper.

do matalan definitely have them atm? i don't drive and is a fair walk out of town for me to get there.

stakethroughtheheartofgold Sat 24-Oct-09 10:59:28

sorry meant to say thanks

stakethroughtheheartofgold Sat 24-Oct-09 16:45:42

nothing in next in town (apart from a million pushchairs all stopped in front of me... )
h&m had some but only small ones
accessorize had some but only big ones

TheTerribleSpider Sat 24-Oct-09 17:17:44

Do they have to be available in a high street shop or is online ok?

TheTerribleSpider Sat 24-Oct-09 17:22:21

£15.99 though


£14.00 Debenhams

bigcar Sat 24-Oct-09 17:30:09

these any good?

foxinsocks Sat 24-Oct-09 17:30:24


I saw some in M&S

these silver glitter ones

and those

they are lovely in real life - dd desperate for the sparkly ones but they didn't have them in her size!

Shitemum Sat 24-Oct-09 17:34:31

I got some pale pink ones with sequins scattered on them in Poundstretcher for £6 - not silver i know but quite nice...

foxinsocks Sat 24-Oct-09 17:37:50

ooh just realised I linked to the shoes that were too big

here are the junior sized silver pumps from M&S!

not sparkly but still silver

sparkly silver canvas trainers

sparkly silver buckle ones

not bad prices tbh

stakethroughtheheartofgold Sat 24-Oct-09 17:45:41

ooh wow thanks all, will check through links tomoz, off dancing tonight

mankyscotslass Sat 24-Oct-09 18:00:03

I got some in next, colour says mink but they look silver to me, they were the childrens signature ones, they have rhinestones on them with a little strap and buckle

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