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these ankle-ish boots or knee high?

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lilysam Sat 24-Oct-09 09:27:49

Have seen this boots in M&S - i think they look good and very good price. The picture on the model looks great - but i'm no model smile

Am venturing into the leggings tights thing for the first time after spending my sahm life in jeans.

Do you think these will go or i should search for knee highs? Am 5ft5 - 16 weeks pregnant but not showing yet wink 967030&node=83157031&page=1&mnSBrand=core&rh=n%3A83157031%2Cp_10%3ABlack

lilysam Sat 24-Oct-09 09:29:46

or flat ones, no heel?

CybilAviationAuthority Sat 24-Oct-09 09:33:55

I like them. Flat ones too dumpy making imo

CherylVole Sat 24-Oct-09 09:34:48

i liek e,
lol at "leggings as tights thing"
this si now a MN acronym LAT

CybilAviationAuthority Sat 24-Oct-09 09:37:51

If people could just stop showing me boots I like, it would make my life a lot simpler, thanks.

CherylVole Sat 24-Oct-09 09:38:54

adn that bag
i dreamed about it
God id make such a bad buddist
I couldnt do the renounce craving bit

CybilAviationAuthority Sat 24-Oct-09 09:40:20

it was lovely...what a classic. Get it, throw out 5 tatty old bags ,and feel pure

lilysam Sat 24-Oct-09 10:00:22

SO is that a yes smile

I think they seem a good price - i'm very weary of spending around £100 for boots i'm not sure about

Most people i;ve seen in legging had ballet pumps (useless in winter i would think) or knee highs...

I had to ask MN for advice as not got many RL friends close by i can drag round the shops smile

NorkilyChallenged Sat 24-Oct-09 10:03:45

They are very nice, I agree.

Though there is no way I could have managed a heel like that when pregnant (even though it's quite boxy, it's just too high for my pregnant self to balance atop).

Good to have MN seal of approval before you buy though wink

PoisonToadstool Sat 24-Oct-09 10:03:47

Ooh v nice boots if you have good legs

envy everyone buying lovely new things

sassy Sat 24-Oct-09 10:13:51

Are they leather? Cor, they are lurvely.

Bet my local titchy M&S won't have though

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