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Fuggly boots -now you've got me thinking how warm and cosy they are...

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wahwah Thu 22-Oct-09 18:49:01

...and I've spent the last decade (it seems) mocking the sheepskin shapelessness I see around me. However, spending a bit more time in this topic than usual has taken me to the dark side. I am a bit obsessed and watching any ugg threads with interest.

So first of all, damn you for your evil influences and secondly, has anyone used miwoolies? They seem to be reasonable quality and very cheap. Is this too good to be true? As an ugg virgin, I want my first experience to be memorable in a good way.

LaurieScaryCake Thu 22-Oct-09 18:52:21

they look like they have lovely stuff

if you're in the Uk you could save the airmiles and buy from Celtic Sheepskin

wahwah Thu 22-Oct-09 18:56:41

Oh God I like them! They are a bit expensive for something that I shall wear with shame, though (although obviously not expensive in terms of a saving our planet type sense). I'm wavering now...

LaurieScaryCake Thu 22-Oct-09 18:59:08

sorry, didn't mean to guilt you into them grin

how much is new zealand dollars plus the postage?

wahwah Thu 22-Oct-09 19:03:49

Actually, I don't know -they add it on at checkout. I didn't think it would be masses-possibly am bit naive.

Don't worry about the guilting, I almost gave up my car today!

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