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This morning I plopped!

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Pinkmarshmallow Thu 22-Oct-09 13:30:47

It wasn't planned or anything, I just suddenly took a notion and took out an old t-shirt and took it from there.I had briefly skimmed through some threads on the curly girl method recently and thought that sounds good for me, but wanted to finish any shampoos and conditioners I still had leftover first. Nearly finished them now so have started to think more seriously about this and I have loadsa questions on it all.... So any CG experts out there, please please will you help me with all this? I have type 2 hair... wavy, thick and long but dries to frizz. I've bought Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo to low-poo because someone on here mentioned they use it with this method but haven't used it yet, then read somewhere on the internet this morning that it contains sulphates which are damaging to curly hair?!?! I've also bought Original SOurce conditioner and can't wait to try that. At the moment I use Fructis curl mousse but am nearly out of it and have nothing to use after that.... what's the best curl product available in UK for my type of hair to scrunch and plop with? Also have wide-tooth comb so almost set to go....
I suppose my biggest question with all this is what to do with my hair on the days I don't wash? Normally I wash it every day, but that's probably harmful and totally unnecessary. If I comb it out when it's dry, it turns to pure frizz and I have to tie it how can I keep the nice curls without washing? Tia.

overmydeadbody Fri 23-Oct-09 07:18:02

I am a recent convert too so can't really answer your questions, still haven't gone poo free yet but have been plopping with great success.

On the days when I don't wash my har I don't brush it either, I just put some serum through it (the frizz eaze purple stuff) and if it looks too messy to leave loose I put it into a messy bun.

I never comb or brush my hair when dry, there is rally no point, it makes it horrible and frizzy.

christiana Fri 23-Oct-09 07:20:10

Message withdrawn

moonmother Fri 23-Oct-09 08:10:29

Another one here new to Curly Girl Method.

I comb mine through before I wash it, to get all the tangles out, and find it easier to comb conditioner through that way.

I don't think I can face the no poo method, so I've been using Baby Shampoo to wash my hair and Aussie Intensive Conditioner as conditioner.

When thats all done I blot dry with a towel, then add Boots Curl Creme and Aussie Leave in Conditioner, then plop using and old brushed cotton baby blanket.

I leave it plopping for 30 mins then gently dry with the hairdryer till almost dry then scrunch a small amount of serum into the ends.

I wash it every 3-4 days but on the days I don't wash it , I spray with the leave in conditioner and plop it whilst putting my make-up on (5 mins), shake it out and it looks as good as new.

I've only been doing this for the past 2 weeks, but my hairs never looked or felt better and theres less frizz.

christiana Fri 23-Oct-09 09:13:58

Message withdrawn

NorkilyChallenged Fri 23-Oct-09 09:26:08

Plopping with pictures


How to plop

Pinkmarshmallow Sat 07-Nov-09 11:38:08

Hi all, DD was sick, then I was sick, then I was away for a few days and haven't had a chance to catch up until now.... I've been plopping ever since, haven't had the courage to stop pooing altogether yet, but loving my new original source mint & tea tree conditioner. Also loving boots pink curl creme. Got wide-toothed shower comb from Boots too and it's great. Only ever comb hair in shower. Trying not to wash hair every day, but 2nd day hair never lookin too good. Using Pantene serum on 2nd day but no ingredients list on it so dunno what bad stuff is in it, and it's not doing a great job... can anyone recommend a CG-friendly serum. I've bought Naked hairspray and lovin it.

How's it all going for you all?

Christiana, my hair was also falling out in THICK CHUNKS after birth,until about 6 months, and had to take hair growth tablets. Seems to be fine now. Have you tried plopping?

BitOfFun Sat 07-Nov-09 11:50:37

I think serums are choc-full of silicones- the enemy! Silicones seal the hair- locking moisture OUT as well as in, so although short-term your hair will look smooth, the silicone will build up, and stop your hair absorbing the goodness of it's natural oils and nutrients in conditioner.

Serum is basically the hair equivalent of All Fur Coat And No Knickers.

They can only be removed by sulphates- which we are trying to avoid...


I recommend something like Vitapointe instead (about two quid from Chemists), very Old Lady Chic, but surprisingly effective.

CymbidiumHybrid Sat 07-Nov-09 11:56:20

Er what is poo?

BitOfFun Sat 07-Nov-09 11:57:44

Shampoo. I dislike all this talk of poo and plopping, but hey, that seems to be the lingo of curly hair care!

CymbidiumHybrid Sat 07-Nov-09 12:03:23

Ah thanks BoF

PuppyMonkey Sat 07-Nov-09 12:03:33

I have learnt another thing on MN. Amazing.

I have straight hair and poo regularly.

Pinkmarshmallow Sat 07-Nov-09 19:19:41

Thanks bitoffun, will try some vitapointe.

MrsDinky Sun 08-Nov-09 19:04:03

Another one who is taking tentative steps here following previous threads. Mine is shoulder length and unruly/wavy rather than properly curly. I have been suffering bald patches (slopecia) this year and hence cut out virtually all styling/drying for a few months (it is growing back now) and it struck me that what I had been doing was in effect the curly girl method, but I had still been using shampoo with sulphates in. I have switched to shampoo and conditioner (Dr Organic from Holland and Barrett) without sulphates/silicones, also Boots curl creme but my morning routine really only permits 5-10 mins plopping (got a microfibre towel) and my hair needs something else to create/hold the curls. At the moment it just looks unstyled and a bit randomly wavy.

So my question is - are there any gels/mousses/sprays out there that meet the criteria? Thank you

ruddynorah Sun 08-Nov-09 19:10:17

in between washing just use water spray or water spray mixed with leave in conditioner.

best product is cheapo hair gel/curl creme. boots one is very good. if you feel plopping isn't enough then coat your fingers in product and twist chunks of your hair around your fingers, hold for a moment and let go. big chunks gives big curls, skinny chunks gives ringlets.

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