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What do you think of this BODEN dress?

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purplepeony Thu 22-Oct-09 08:30:21

Is it frumpy or okay for an everyday dress?
which colourway- thinking of green/blue or yellow/purple, or china blue?

I am 50 but told I look much younger and a size 10. Dark blonde/honey hair. Size 8-10.

purplepeony Thu 22-Oct-09 08:30:41


fishie Thu 22-Oct-09 08:35:02

oh pp it is just so boden. would you mind everyone knowing?

i much prefer their non-pattern stuff, i even find myself trying to hide the coat linings.

this one??

purplepeony Thu 22-Oct-09 08:43:20

OKay- take the point!
I like the embelished sateen dress, but at £95 it's a bit stepp and also a bit posh for every day.

Tea dress- yes, it's quite nice, but does it look frumpy? Would go for the steel/greeny colour, or the brown bud.
want to get my 20%- I always dither then order 6 months later!

purplepeony Thu 22-Oct-09 08:46:52

Or the drapey jersey in the purpley batik??

fishie Thu 22-Oct-09 08:50:18

drapey jersey in plain blue. i have violently taken against that batik pattern.

i like the pink on teh one i posted, the model looks relatively unbodeny.

favourite jersey is nice.

they are all a bit long and wide round the bottom for me - what shape are you?

ADifferentMe Thu 22-Oct-09 08:50:41

PP - I like the first one and it sounds like it would suit you. I love their summer dresses but managed to restrict myself to two this year! They're very flattering.

purplepeony Thu 22-Oct-09 08:55:59

what shape am I- well, i think either a column or a small hourglass- 32C bust, 28 waist, 35 hips, and 5ft 3". I will def. have to shorten most of them.

I def. do not want anything that swamps me.

Part of me longs for the 60s batik- as something different- thing is, you really need to see/try on all these dresses.

fishie Thu 22-Oct-09 09:00:18

go for an 8 then.

how about cotton shirt? lovely in blue. i'd love to wear something like that but am too top heavy.

ADifferentMe Thu 22-Oct-09 18:45:52

Same shape as me but six inches shorter - I found even the long ones could do with being longer so you may be ok.

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