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What do you wear when your top half grossly outweighs your bottom half?

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TheProvincialLady Wed 21-Oct-09 20:51:16

I am 5'2" and generally v slim BUT as I am currently BF my top half, which is generally on the larger size of normal but still normal, is massive. As I am losing the baby weight I am finding that my bottom half is back to how it normally looks but my top half is staying the same. It is starting to affect how I look - wearing skinny jeans and a top today, a friend said I looked like I would topple over at any moment from sheer weight of bosom, and she was rightblush The trouble is, at 5'2" if I bulk out my bottom half to match my top half, I will look like a weeble.

Any suggestions?

KristinaM Wed 21-Oct-09 21:22:13

i am also top heavy - according to trinny and susannah i am a lollipop. like you i cant wear sknnies, even though i have good legs ( for an old bag)

i wear skinny flares to balance out the huge norks

and heels rather than wedges for skinny legs

and knitted jersey dresses / tunics that have movement rather than formal tailored " stiff" dresses

no high necks, i prefer scoop to v necks

TheProvincialLady Wed 21-Oct-09 21:32:01

Hm, I am liking the idea of movement. I have been shying away from dresses due to the BF but he goes a good while between feeds now so I could wear them now.

As to high necks - they give me a uniboob look even when mine are at their normal size so I have never worn them. My shoulders are too narrow for scoop though, I always end up in v neck everything.

I think I must be a lollipop too. It is extra annoying being short as there is limited choice at the best of times. You sound tall!

KristinaM Wed 21-Oct-09 21:42:29

no not tall, only 5'5''.

have looked up T&S book. they say:

never wear - polo necks, chunky sweaters, high waisted trousers, shift dresses that hang from tits, bolero jackets, elaborate necklaces

i have to admit i wear statemnt necklaces, but only long ones and short jackets but over longer tops IYSWIM

yes to

coat with full skirt and buttons under boobs

scoop neck tops, esp tank tops and wide sweetheart necks

draping skirt that gathers on hips

bell bottom trousers

fluted skirt with flared hemline hmm sounds a bit Per Una to me

dresses with knots and gathers near waist

shoes with straight slim heel

HTH. sorry have to go and settle horrible tired kids

Piffle Wed 21-Oct-09 21:49:27

I had a boob reduction but still am one size bigger up top than bottom and my hips are one size smaller than my (3 kids and too much beer) waist...
I find tight T, layered with cardy and nice scarf- long cotton, bit of glitter or colour covers a lot, v neck cardy round neck T.
I also love the tunic style things at white stuff for over jeans and leggings, if your legs are good, show them as such!

TheProvincialLady Thu 22-Oct-09 08:57:25

Sorry had to see to DS1 last night. Thanks so much for that KristinaM, it's v helpful.

Piffle what was it like having a boob reduction? I have sometimes wondered about it. I do that cardi over t shirt thing but hadn't thought of a scarf. Can't do white stuff as everything of theirs drowns me but I agree, it is good to show off your best assetsgrin

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