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purplepeony Wed 21-Oct-09 08:24:43

Trying to order using the link to the 20% off on Boden site home page- but no discount showing on items when I put them in my basket, andno offer codes showing on site.


Mimi1977 Wed 21-Oct-09 08:51:51

I had that. I wonder if the person who posted the link had just stumbled across the page rather than it being sent to her? They have the bodenpreview page up all the time but perhaps the 20% is not active yet. They often send out emails to customers when this is active and I always get one but haven't yet. Keep trying I guess or wait till someone posts that it's active on here.

purplepeony Wed 21-Oct-09 09:24:14

ok- spoke to Edward at Boden CS who was worse than useless- tried to fob me off with "This is a preview site and the discount will be appplied at the time of despatch"- in a rather snotty tone.

Told him I had ordered from B for yonks and that with preview discounts it always showed in the Basket.

He suggested putting a comment in the Special Instructions box, to say that I wanted the 20% discount applied.

Over to you MNS- maybe if we inundate them with queries they will activate the discount code properly online?

chattermouse Wed 21-Oct-09 12:09:54

I called boden earlier and was told that the preview site will go 'live' towards the end of this week, then the discount should work when you click on it. Next Monday at the latest.

Oumasrusks Wed 21-Oct-09 12:19:53

Thanks Chatter. smile

sleepysox Wed 21-Oct-09 13:39:40

I just bought some stuff from the preview site- about 5 mins ago and the 20% off discount has worked.


chattermouse Wed 21-Oct-09 14:05:59

What code does it give you sleepy? nothing comes up at all when i click on the link posted by the op. You'd think boden might get their act together given that we want to order! And given the feedback so far on here looks like less people than usual will be ordering next season - they should be particularly appreciative and facilitative of us!

chattermouse Wed 21-Oct-09 14:06:24

Also meant to ask, what did you order? grin

purplepeony Wed 21-Oct-09 14:42:55

well, the offer is not working for me.

Has anyone noticed that the actual garment measurements are missing now- will they add them later?

VictoriousSponge Wed 21-Oct-09 16:14:01

i used the regular ones on the other thread

chattermouse Wed 21-Oct-09 16:29:55

yeah, the 15% works but i could not get the £10 off £30 to work. Not sure what is going on. seems the website is 'live' already if it is allowing some people to place orders. I'll ring up and complain if it is not working by fri afternoon.

What did you buy vicsponge? anything tasty?

VictoriousSponge Wed 21-Oct-09 16:30:54

just the plain stone mac

the rest is pretty vile non?

LynetteScavo Wed 21-Oct-09 16:41:05

I don't ahve a code. sad

What code have you been using?

chattermouse Wed 21-Oct-09 16:41:39

Is truly a let down for sure. That said, i'm willing to try the bow cardi in blue and theres a stripe scoop neck top in navy and white that could look good with my FC sailor leg jeans. Semen ahoy!

I am going to try a couple of skirts but unless they are farking amazing theuy will be going back.

By and large, it is a minging collection.

chattermouse Wed 21-Oct-09 16:43:22

No-one seems to have the 20% code lynette. Apparently website should give it by end of the week.

VictoriousSponge Wed 21-Oct-09 16:43:44

i just looked on teh prom code topic

chattermouse Wed 21-Oct-09 16:49:39

I'm holding out for the 20%. That fucker johnnie has had enough dosh from me of late.

VictoriousSponge Wed 21-Oct-09 16:50:11

if it comes up I willcall and demand my missing 5%

chattermouse Wed 21-Oct-09 16:51:58

too right. reckon he'll neeed to extend discount to 60% to shift some of that stuff....

ADifferentMe Wed 21-Oct-09 17:51:56

Chattermouse, I really hope you didn't mean semen wink

FritesMenthe Wed 21-Oct-09 18:02:14

I appear to one of Johnnie's favoured few hmm He has sent me a "Top Secret" message and the code is...

...PR1V valid until 3rd Nov.

chattermouse Wed 21-Oct-09 18:08:54

God bless you Frites!

Adifferentme, am hoping that the top is not dryclean only, lol....!

chattermouse Wed 21-Oct-09 18:25:20

My order is now placed. Till January and beyond!

sleepysox Thu 22-Oct-09 07:58:00

Sorry for the delay in replying.

The code is:
It was for 20% off and free delivery and free returns.

I bought athe 'Favourite Jersey Dress' in pink flowers and some navy leggings. As I've got a new baby, I'm hoping the jersey fabric will wash well and the flowers will help disguise my mummy tummy and general fattishness, but as I'm not very good at style and knowing what suits me, I'll have to see when it arrives.

sleepysox Thu 22-Oct-09 07:59:35

Just noticed Frites has posted the code- sorry for being so tardy.

What did you order Chatter?

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