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What to wear for a minimal make-up look?

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rubyblueslippers Tue 20-Oct-09 21:06:56

Usually I wear a full face of slap every day but I am starting to look like Coco the Clown/Katie Price. Im 40 and would like to look a bit more natural.

The problem is that my skin is grotty- not lined, but very uneven tone. Can I really go without foundation? I have the MAC mineral foundation but it doesn't cover well.

So, what should I wear for a natural look? Just concealer, mascara and lip gloss? gulphmm

I do have a lot of Bobbi Brown stuff but I find the pigment kind of dense and heavy when on (esp. eyeshadows and foundations)although the colours are great.

Thanks! Am off to bed now because I am knackered and look like shit but thanks in advance for any replies- will look in tomorrow.

SqueezyCheesyPumpkin Tue 20-Oct-09 21:11:04

Try mineral powder foundation and just layer it finely (swirl it on with a big soft brush) until you have the desired coverage, little bit of blusher, a smudgy line of grey or black eyeshadow blended along the lash line, mascara and a splash of natural coloured lipstick.

tulpe Tue 20-Oct-09 21:14:41

I wear what I consider to be a natural-ish look make up every day but change it slightly depending on time of year.

For late autumn/winter I wear: foundation, powder, blusher, Mac's "shroom" on my eyes, mascara and a fine line of liquid eyeliner on my top lids only (barely there - not Amy Winehouse). Depending on what I'm wearing, I will either wear a pink gloss or warm red lipstick.

For spring/summer (when skin tone tends to be more even and I look less death-like ): tinted moisturiser, bronzer, mascara and lip gloss.

Elemental Tue 20-Oct-09 21:15:04

A nude long lasting eye shadow like MACs Painterly pot makes a real difference to your eyes, brightens them up without being obvious at all. And a muted eyeliner pencil, grey or chestnut, etc gently lining the undereye area helps give some definition. MACs fluidline has quite a soft look as you apply it with a brush.

I love Max Factor's Facefinity for a really quick foundation coverage that lasts and doesn't look as heavy as liquid foundation. I have rather big pores so wouldn't go without this!

Or you could use a gentle highlighter colour over your face like Benefit's Dandelion, just to brighten it up.

MichKit Tue 20-Oct-09 22:57:31

Estee Lauder's range of mineral foundations are lovely... natural looking, and cover up blemishes well. I am a fan of the natural look, but my skin has old chicken pox scars, and this one really covers up while looking quite sheer.

Estee Lauder also does a tinted moisturiser, but you'll need concealer with that, lovely natural feel and texture though! The other tinted mois I like is By Terry's one, but very expensive.

rubyblueslippers Wed 21-Oct-09 06:08:20

MichKit- Thanks for the tip. I have an Estee Lauder foundation and I like it, but it's not a mineral one- will put that on my wish list.

Elemental-I'll look into that MAC eyeshadow. Sounds like a nice natural colour.I do use an eyeshadow pencil but it looks a bit much on me (I already have v. dark eyes, maybe that's it.)

Tulpe- that's the kind of thing that I wear, but it doesn't look as good as yours sounds- maybe I am too heavy-handed? I am heading towards the Amy look, I think. Thanks for the MAC tip- seems like MAC eyeshadows are the way to go!

SqueezyCheesePumpkin- thanks, maybe I am not layering it enough/properly.

Thanks, everyone- great ideas and some shopping list items- always a bonus!!

Mimi1977 Wed 21-Oct-09 08:54:52

My natural look tends to consist of foundation (bobby brown - the new one that smells of lavender and looks v natural), the bobby brown corrector for under my eyes and then the concealer on top although the Laura Mercier secret concealer is fab for that, laura mercier eye base for my eyelids, then the colour consists of bone eyeshadow (bobby brown), an eyeliner and mascara. Oh and vaseline for my lips. Still looks v natural without having lots of colour.

BonsoirAnna Wed 21-Oct-09 09:01:56

Dye your eyelashes and make sure your eyebrows are in good shape but not obviously plucked or waxed. You can keep them in position with a little eyebrow wax and/or gel.

Make sure you skin is very well moisturised and use a light bronzing powder (Guerlain terracotta is the original and best, and now comes in several shades). You can wear a little eye make up for definition, and a light lipstick (and a matching lipliner).

Countingthegreyghouls Wed 21-Oct-09 13:19:56

Hi rubyblueslippers

I use Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation and a good tip (shown to me by a scary make-up counter lady but effective nonetheless) is to mix a tiny blob of it on back of your hand with a little moisturiser on days when you want a more natural 'lighter' covering, then apply to usual moisturised bare face. You can vary the effect by adding more or less moisturiser depending on the depth of coverage you want. This only works with fairly good quality foundation as the cheaper stuff tends to separate out ...

Good tip if you don't want to buy loads of different products!

Having said that, two products that are good for a natural look (and recommended in the Independent's Style and Beauty section yesterday)are:

Yves St Laurent Perfect Touch (works on same principle as Touche Eclat) - natural 'retoucher'/foundation with brush applicator which doesn't let you put too much on - I can recommend this personally

Guerlain's Parure Gold palette is a powder that transforms skin and blends
in easily apparently - ideal for days when you don't want full cover (haven't tried it but sounds good)

Then I'd go for a good 'nude' lip liner (I can recommend Sisley nude) lightly applied and you can use it to fill in also with a bit of vaseline or not-too-shiny lip gloss

Second Bonsoir Anna's recommendations about eyelashes, eyebrows and terracotta powder too - I use Sisley sun glow but agree Guerlain excellent - use bronzing powders v. sparingly though

Have fun mooching in the shops ...don't be put off by the scary ladies ...!!

Countingthegreyghouls Wed 21-Oct-09 13:28:22

Oh and meant to add -

if you are having difficulty with applying eye-shadow pencil or eye-liner on upper lid and it's all too Amy Winehouse, then buy a good small eye make up brush (which has blunt cut bristles on slight angle) dip in light brown eye-shadow and apply along top of lid in thin horizontal line where it meets roots of your eyelashes)

although admittedly, this is a bit of a faddle on days when you want to be quick and usually means you have to apply more mascara as powder inevitably drops a bit on upper lashes

but hey - a successful 'natural' look can take longer than the "full works" !!! grin

bloss Wed 21-Oct-09 13:37:31

Message withdrawn

rubyblueslippers Wed 21-Oct-09 14:36:17

Ooooh, thank you so much everyone! I caught site of myself on the train today and it was all sinking in under the eyes and so something has to change!!!

I'll print this off and make a shopping list. *rools up sleeves, licks end of pencil*

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