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Help me - which colour dress?

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shoptilidrop Tue 20-Oct-09 17:05:42

Found a nice Cheap dress for xmas do

think it looks more expensive than it is and already have accessories that will go.

so do i get it in black? Am thinking more slimming and would look nice with gold shoes/accessories.

Or the purple, which i love, and i could wear it with gold/or black/or purple accessories?

BunnyLebowski Tue 20-Oct-09 17:09:45

Oh that's pretty!

Go for the purple I say. Stands out more and would be more flattering than black imo.

Black dresses at xmas dos just merge into one big dreary black curtain imo and you don't notice any pretty details.

Purple with gold accessories is the way to go if you ask me!

shoptilidrop Tue 20-Oct-09 17:13:11

lol - just checked, its out of stock in every size... typical!

VictoriousSponge Tue 20-Oct-09 17:14:26


BunnyLebowski Tue 20-Oct-09 17:16:16

Ah shite. Hate it when that happens angry

Worth popping in to your nearest store though - it's a lovely dress!

shoptilidrop Tue 20-Oct-09 17:30:26

its a web exclusive - new in as well... will prob get more in stock, ill keep checking.

Ill go with purple and gold then i reckon.

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