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bras and knickers. really nice ones. please?

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Lexilicious Tue 20-Oct-09 16:07:54

hi all.

two projects: one is just a simple overhaul of my underwear drawer, need lots of knickers as I have realised they have all gone grey, and want some nice nursing bras. The other is something special for my wedding, basically a corset.

As far as the knickers and bras go, I don't wear sets (who has the time or coordination, really?) and DP says boy shorts and french knicker froufrou frilliness are, ahem, the right sort of thing. By default I would go to M&S and get lots of their shorts, those that are 3 for a tenner. I have a couple of mothercare nursing bras which are nice but a bit dull. Want some really pretty ones that are measured and fitted properly. All M&Ss are really plain and dull. So really, I need a recommendation for a dept store or lingerie store that will measure properly and isn't vastly expensive as I'll be buying a whole drawer full of knicks grin and a couple of bras.

So, the corset. I've never worn anything like that before. I am blessed with a size 10 shape but a little short-waisted, also happily don't have any mummy-tum to speak of, just a bit of post-partum skin hanging around tummy. I like the Kate corset from AP, as it is a clean silhouette that will sit nicely under my dress but it's £265! shock Is that really the going rate? I do want both form and function, but nothing over fancy or slutty.

Am in London, by the way.

trellism Tue 20-Oct-09 16:21:34

Hello, I used to work for and did some training in bra fitting. I never ever buy bras from M&S.

Selfridges is the best place for competent bra measuring, I think. They have an Agent Provocateur concession if you want a really, really nice nursing bra. I think they also do a post-partum waist cincher too and it's certainly cheaper than the corset.

I'd also recommend Elle MacPherson for pretty undies that are well made and don't cost an utter fortune. They do a few nice nursing bras, as do Hot Milk (don't know if Selfridges stock that brand though).

However, proper corsets that do a proper job, rather than just corset-style tops, are expensive. You won't get much change out of £200 wherever you go.

stakethroughtheheartofgold Tue 20-Oct-09 16:55:01

i got a proper steel boned corset on ebay, is very nice indeed, not at all cheap looking but cost under £50 iirc. you might find fairygothmother a good mid-point and obviously you can get properly fitted.

Lexilicious Tue 20-Oct-09 21:34:30

Selfidges, excellent. Will do. I was sort of wondering whether somewhere like Rigby and Peller would be worth it, but if Selfs do fitting and have different concessions instore then that sounds ideal.

Think I would be too squeamish to buy undies off ebay! Although the more important point is really the fitting, for me.

thanks both!

stakethroughtheheartofgold Tue 20-Oct-09 21:37:49

lol twasn't used shockgrin

RamblingRosa Wed 21-Oct-09 08:27:34

Hot Milk is definitely the way forward for gorgeous nurrsing bras with matching knickers. I just started another post about Brandalley. They've got a sale of maternity stuff today including Hot Milk nursing bras. All going v cheap but you need to be quick as stuff sells out fast.

I think some of their stuff is going cheap on ASOS too (and I think there might be a 25% off voucher knocking around for ASOS somewhere which runs out today).

As for knickers, M&S 3 for a tenner ones can be ok. I personally think matching undies are a good thing but I don't do it much these days. Next best thing is to vaguely coordinate (plain black knickers with a black bra rather than clashing colours or prints). I like their lace no-VPL short style knickers.

There are lots of corsets around at this time of year (don't know why they all come out for the party season hmm). I've seen them in M&S. Obviously places like La Senza and Ann Summers do them too. Lots of them will be direct rip offs of the AP ones (although not as good quality).

It's worth a look at Figleaves for bridal undies.

stakethroughtheheartofgold Wed 21-Oct-09 08:40:05

hot milk can be tricky to buy online unless you've been fitted with them irl as the bands are usually very generous, also some styles are generous in the cup too.

traceybath Wed 21-Oct-09 08:53:22

Would second AP for gorgeous nursing bra. I got their bright pink one at Bicester so discounted and its lovely. Fits well and gives me a decent shape and I'm a 34e whilst bf.

I had some hot milk ones but not massively impressed to be honest, same with the Elle ones.

trellism Wed 21-Oct-09 12:50:15

Rigby and Peller ready made bras (rather than the custom made ones) are, if I remember correctly, made under licence by a large UK lingerie firm who specialise in cheap looking bras for the larger lady.

I wouldn't therefore say that an off the peg R&P bra would be worth the extra money - I've never been particularly impressed with the quality, but if you want to go all out and get one custom made, go for it!

I have a Hot Milk nightie atm but I'm waiting for the baby to be born before I go and get measured for a nursing bra - I don't understand why you are supposed to get measured at 36 weeks and then add on a cup size as it doesn't sound particularly accurate to me (fishes out tape measure).

Yes, I am a bra anorak.

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