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great jacket for big boobs

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bodycolder Tue 20-Oct-09 16:00:39

this is lovely irl
You can't see it here but it has a dark purple silky lining and is really well made Would be great at xmas with slim black trousers if you don't 'do' dresses.

LouIsAWeetbixKid Tue 20-Oct-09 16:05:35

Ooh that is nice. Not sure about the ribbon though

bodycolder Tue 20-Oct-09 16:08:23

The ribbon actually looks great on it!It feels a bit like a tux but a better shape for most women really flattering.

NormaStanleyFletcher Tue 20-Oct-09 16:08:24

link doesn't work for me

reikizen Tue 20-Oct-09 16:12:14

There was no price but yes, lovely.

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Tue 20-Oct-09 16:15:13

Doesn't work for me either - can't get Flash on itouch.

bodycolder Tue 20-Oct-09 16:24:35

Its about £35

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