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Why can't any clothes shops (barring Gap) do 1 type of fabric jumpers?

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Bleh Tue 20-Oct-09 15:46:32

What I mean is, everyone and their MOTHER is doing blends somewhere involving 1% of cashmere or other such malarky.

All I want is v neck jumpers that are pure cotton for autumn/winter. I don't want viscose-poly-cotton-cashmere blend or other such rubbish. Just cotton, otherwise I end up sweating glowing. TopShop used to do them, Gap is doing some, but in barking colours. They do it for men, why not for women? Wail!

[rant over].

stakethroughtheheartofgold Tue 20-Oct-09 15:53:52

cotton as a fibre for knits tends to be heavy and lose its shape quickly (no elasticity in the fibre, relies on knit structure of fabric), blends are to give more forgiving drape/wear characteristics. cotton/cashmere blends are lovely, light, soft and stretchy not baggy. yabu :P

stakethroughtheheartofgold Tue 20-Oct-09 15:55:14

on a more helpful note, viscose is a wood pulp fibre and generally known for excellent breathability, i wouldn't let that put you off a blend.

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