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Toddlers and bridesmaid's dress. Does it count?

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BloodshotEyeballs Mon 19-Oct-09 12:55:23

OK, last week I posted an AIBU about my SIL who is having my nearly 2yo dd as a flower girl at her wedding in January. I was debating whether I could force them to let dd wear some sort of cardi over her sleeveless dress.

MIL has produced, without my knowledge a lovely furry cape so am happy about that. However, I have now see the dress itself and it is not only sleeveless, it has no top at all. It is held up by two very thin ribbons. An utterly gorgeous dress but absolutely no way I can put a thermal vest underneath it as planned.

So what can I do to keep the little love warm and toasty? I was thinking of getting her age 4-5 tights and pulling them up to her ears! grin

NorktasticNinja Mon 19-Oct-09 12:58:50

I haven't seen your other thread(s?), but, bugger your SIL, what sort of mad woman plans that sort of dress for a baby at an autumn wedding shock?. Let DD have a long sleeved top under the dress and the cape.

NorktasticNinja Mon 19-Oct-09 12:59:18

winter wedding, even!

lucygreen Mon 19-Oct-09 13:06:19

can you use an all in one vest and adapt it to be sleavless and maybe embroider some little flowers round the edges, will be pretty and keep the maine body warm wich should offset the arms just for the ceremonie. also plan carefully who there is for her to sit with after she has come down the aisle.

MrsBadger Mon 19-Oct-09 13:06:24

I would get one of these or similar to put underneath ie prettier than a vest but still warm.

with tights and the fur cape over the top she will be warm and no-one will bat an eyelid

BloodshotEyeballs Mon 19-Oct-09 13:25:56

Hmm, it's going to be tricky as there really is no top at all. It comes up to her armpits and then it's two tiny little thin ribbons. I can't see any way anything can be adapted and they'll freak if she takes her cape off for the ceremony and photos and they see a vest underneath.

Bugger bugger. Will have to think and discuss.

MrsBadger Mon 19-Oct-09 13:34:48


I think by the time they take pics it will be a bit late for anyone to do anything about it...

are there other bridesmaids? what are they wearing?

could you get (eg) a white cardigan to go under the cape that you could whip on and off as photos etc demand?

ProfessorLaytonIsMyZombieSlave Mon 19-Oct-09 13:40:17

Can't she keep the cape on for anything other than being in extremely well-heated places? I certainly would never expect a small child to fart around outside in just a sundress in January for the sake of photos. If it's a nice cape then it should be perfectly photogenic. And you could probably stitch in a thermal lining for the rest of the dress... maybe...

Mind you, it could be surprisingly warm. We got married in January and it was unseasonably toasty.

BloodshotEyeballs Mon 19-Oct-09 13:43:27

Think that might be the way Prof. I could stitch up the front of the cape and leave a very small head hole so no removing it without scissors. And then stick babylegs on her arms! grin

traceybath Mon 19-Oct-09 13:44:44

Did you mention to mil that your child is going to be freezing in a sundress in january - i mean it could be sub-zero/snowing etc.

Has the dress been purchased as yet? I'd be really tempted to say that she'll be too cold and its such a shame as its such a lovely dress etc etc

ProfessorLaytonIsMyZombieSlave Mon 19-Oct-09 13:46:09

No need for babylegs on her arms -- just cover her in a thick layer of that goose grease stuff that cross-channel swimmers use... grin

traceybath Mon 19-Oct-09 13:46:56

or this to go on top of dress.

Even inside am not sure I'd be wearing a sundress in january.

BloodshotEyeballs Mon 19-Oct-09 13:59:35

TBH I'm a bit thick and it didn't dawn on me till we got home last night. Dress was purchased a while ago but I've only just seen it. I was told it was sleeveless not topless!

I might get something like that cardi. Am going to her her shoes and tights in Monsoon so will have a look there. She'll need something for inside during the reception as she can't wear the cape all day and it won't be warm enough for a little sundress inside in January, unless they have radiators in every corner.

Piggin' weddings!

BloodshotEyeballs Mon 19-Oct-09 14:00:24

Can I get goose grease in Monsoon? grin I suppose it would come up a sort of ivory... <<vom>>

MrsJiggle86 Mon 19-Oct-09 14:06:55

I remember your thread last week, it sounds like your SIL is being totally selfish and if it were me, i would voice my worries, again, and if she doesnt like it pull her out of the wedding. January is bloody freezing!

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