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cheap over the knee boots

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VictoriousSponge Sun 18-Oct-09 19:37:34

i likey
but wah out of stock

traceybath Sun 18-Oct-09 19:39:45

They're very nice.

My size still in stock but thats because if you're a size 3 shoe you're short and therefore will not be purchasing over the knee boots.

VictoriousSponge Sun 18-Oct-09 19:43:28

theyd come up to your ears

CybilCeremony Sun 18-Oct-09 19:44:34

How do they bend? I don't geddit

VictoriousSponge Sun 18-Oct-09 19:46:13

you just walks straight

MayorNaze Sun 18-Oct-09 19:46:18

dotty ps have them for £50 - v similar to m&s and i actually don't look like a principal boy in them...grin

but sadly they are still on the shelf...

CybilCeremony Sun 18-Oct-09 19:46:59

what, like with stilts? lol

VictoriousSponge Sun 18-Oct-09 19:47:31

yes and a grim expression on yer mush

CybilCeremony Sun 18-Oct-09 19:48:02

how stylish

MayorNaze Sun 18-Oct-09 19:50:11

yes i do have a grim expression hmm. perhaps if i had boots i might look more like this grin

VictoriousSponge Sun 18-Oct-09 19:50:43

oh ho ho

that is your USP

CybilCeremony Sun 18-Oct-09 19:56:42


bodycolder Sun 18-Oct-09 19:58:28

my size in stock

CybilCeremony Sun 18-Oct-09 19:59:22

you'd better get practising

VictoriousSponge Sun 18-Oct-09 20:13:37

this is me in them

CybilCeremony Sun 18-Oct-09 22:10:43


VictoriousSponge Mon 19-Oct-09 08:57:12

back in stock

VictoriousSponge Mon 19-Oct-09 09:00:00

and check out the tesco biker boots

MayorNaze Mon 19-Oct-09 12:03:26

i want these

they do look suspiciuosly like they have been modelled on a suit of armour but look fab on. i want them angry

bodycolder Mon 19-Oct-09 12:22:19

I think they are going to be everywhere!They are one of those things which seem like a good idea but are really chavvy looking irl unless you are very elegant.

CybilCeremony Mon 19-Oct-09 16:02:27

Still don't get HOW they bend unless they ahve a hidden hinge mechanism hmm

MayorNaze Mon 19-Oct-09 17:11:39

i am v elegant grin

they are v bendy! and only come just over the knee, it is not like we are emulating julia in pretty woman grin
somebody buy some and then walk past me as i am yet to actally see someone in rl wearing them hmm

yet i still covet them...ho hum...

bodycolder Mon 19-Oct-09 18:52:18

mabs has a stunning pair which I have seen her in and indeed they look fab but they were from Russell and bromley so v soft leather plus she is ultra slim and chic looking so can't go wrong really envy

CybilCeremony Mon 19-Oct-09 18:53:44

It's not a trend I will be embracing...

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